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CAFCNA "Toys For Tots" Beginning



Toys for tots has been an event that 30,000 Harley drivers have been attending for many years in just the Chicago area.

It first started 1947 by a man Bill Hendricks the idea was brought to plan by his wife Diane.

My idea is simple we meaning our AV's as a way of transporting tons of toys to needy children around the United States. I would like to find out how many would be interested in starting something like this every year.

If anyone has any ideas on this please contact me with your ideas on how to get this started off the right way.

Merry Christmas everyone! ;D
Cindy has the right idea. If this could become a CAFCNA ritual every year that would be great for the little kids to have a great Christmas.

Does anyone have information on how we can get something like this started?

Can you please keep me updated on how it turns out for SOAV. I would like to do something like this up here in the Great Lakes and the more info i have the better of a turn out it will be.
That is a true win - win situation. The kids win by getting the gifts and when it gets big enough the club will win by getting the publicity. Those big 'toy run' events usually get an airing on the local TV stations and cable services. A great idea that is really worth pursuing. (y)
Sounds like a great idea....I would assume the best way to do this perhaps is to go to the local Av clubs and let them start their own Toys 4 Tots..drive.....we seem to cover more area of the map this way and it would probably easier to organize....just a thought...but nonetheless I'm all for it.... (y) :B:
I wish we had thought of this lasy week, before our Oglebay GTG!

I'd like to do it too...
any ideas on HOW?

Seven :cool:
If we were to decide to have this planned and organized according to local area clubs...it would probably be a good idea to have someone other than the coordinators take charge....they have enough on their plate already.....I'm sure someone will volunteer for this worth while cause....I would be happy to volunteer for my area.....let's make this happen.. :B:
"Toys for Tots" are already organized and being collected by the Marine Corps, many fire stations, California Highway Patrol, Harley riders, etc. I think we would be best to contact these existing drives and see how we could assist with collecting and transporting, rather than starting our own drive.

For the So-Cal mini-meet, a CHP officer on duty is coming to get our toys. They need 4,000 to hand out and only had 2500 last weekend. They already have the a stadium organized to give them away. CHP was standing at Toys R-Us 2 weeks ago, with a cruiser, collecting.

Better that we would collect and deliver the toys to CHP, than to take on-duty officers off the roads, in the future. I think we could dovetail into the existing drives in this way, rather than to start from scratch, and compete with them. Just my 02 cents.

Happy Holidays!