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Incredible :eek:
I guess it's a good reason not to sell mine, not that I would think of it anyway. ;D
Why not auction it off...or maybe for charity.... :B:
The guy who got the next to last actually bought the last for sale to the public. Last Camaro went to GM museum and the next to last was bought for charity. Guy who bought it said he spent far more than he thought he wanted to but knew it was for charity...Nice guy, cool car! :B:
I wonder what the deal was with the "Camaro Ebay Auction"??
I thought that's where the second to last one was going to be auctioned. But when I read the article about this guy that paid $71,500 it didn't mention Ebay at all. I wonder if the Ebay deal fell through and it just got auctioned off for that charity.

SS is correct on the last one being put in a museum.