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Camping Table


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Aug 12, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Another Mod that I was thinking while camping.
Could we fabricate a light-weight frame to rest the bed-cover on to form a picnic table? Since all three panels fit together anyway, it seems like am easy job. form a frame, then add legs (foldable).
That sounds like a great idea! I have not checked the manual/web pages but can you order just the rails for the cover? If so then all you have to do is add legs to the rails....hum.....
Prince_FuFu said:
Could we fabricate a light-weight frame to rest the bed-cover on to form a picnic table?
Very impressive idea, Fu!

What might be better than folding legs is a frame that slides into the receiver hitch. ?That would provide enough strength to support an umbrella without having to worry about it flipping over the table.
I have already looked into this and all you would need is the strikers that the latches on the pannels lock to. There are 8 of them and the front two are different #'s and the other 6 are the same #'s... 3 part #'s in all. I have the part #'s at work and if I remember right they are about $22 each on gmpartsdirect. I have been trying to think of an affordable/realistic and lightweight way of doing this, but I don't have access to the materials to even begin.
We pulled off the last panel, and put folding chairs in the back of the bed. The kids ate and played, using the panels as a table top. Of course, you couldn't get the whole family around that table.
Here are the part #'s for the metal catch peices to latch the pannels to.

The front 2 are 88937503 and 88937503 (one is left and the other is right, they are the same as the others, just reversed)

The other 6 are 88937501 and 88937502 (3 are left and 3 are right)

gmpartsdirect have them for $13.20 each (this was about a month ago)

I'm not sure which represents the left or the right, it took me about 30 minutes on the phone with the parts dept. for them to figure out exactly what I was talking about.

Another thought that I had was that you would only need 2 of the latches to hold down the #1 pannel. That would save some $.
Some ruff sketches would be in order, just to get an idea of what you are talking about?
That would be great for tailgaters too. This past weekend on a camp-out we sat on the storage lids and shot the breeze. A pedistol table, maybe out of a motor home, should do the trick. Makes for a quick poker table. :D
Harbor Freight Tools has this bed extender on sale for $19.99 (item #39168 regularly $42.99). ?Will probably pick one up at lunch today and use it as a base for this great table idea that Fu came up with.

Description: The truck bed extender lets you carry oversize equipment. Support ladders, full sheets of drywall, even small boats. Fits any truck with a class 3 receiver. Removes easily and stores in the cab of your truck. Includes tie down loops.
350 lbs. maximum capacity
All steel construction
5 height adjustment holes
36'' extension bar
48-3/8'' crossbar
48-3/8'' maximum height
16-5/8'' minimum height
Weight: 23 lbs.


Fu, any new news on this project?
That might be a great, low-cost option. I haven't had time to dig into this any further, but I will.
I was actually thinking about using a bike rack (the kind that fits into the trailer hitch, and folds down for tailgate access). If I could weld some extension bars on it, and make a stowable frame that the cargo covers would fit onto, it might just be a compact. multi-use option. You could keep the bike rack/table up and use it as a blueprint table, or fold it down to use as a picnic table (while still having access into the bed, with the tailgate down). I'll let you guys know how it works out. My buddy has the bike rack already, so I'm going to see how I can weld/mount some tubular brakets on to it. The brackets will have to have the ability to pivot and lock if I want both tables to be an option. (heck, I might even have a market to sell this thing if it work right).
I found that the 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport has a picnic table kit that the rear cargo cover's attach to as the table... $82 option. Just thowing it out there for those interested.

Here's a pic


Here's a link to a prefab hitch mount model for any truck.