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Can I Do Better On An AVA 2500??


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Dec 6, 2002
Reno, NV
I'm new to the board. This is such a tremendous resource!!

I have a dealer I've worked with over the Internet (3.5 hour drive) on an:
2002 Avalanche 2500 4X4
MSRP is 39,901.00
Kelly Blue Book Invoice is 34,961

I've worked them down to 35,000 before tax. That includes 0% for 60 month too.

I know he's having a hell of a time getting rid of this truck because he's in a large city.

Can that dealer go lower than 35,000 and still make a few bucks?
Thanks for your time

Yes he can still go down below invoice. I think the bottom is around $1000 below invoice. Since it is a 02 you should not have a problem getting to go below invoice.
i think he can do better as well. i saw an '02 4x4 for the same price i paid for my Z66. 28K for a 4x4 ain't bad at all. they were trying to get rid of the '02's.
Phil, Good Luck~
I got my Av 1 week before Thanksgiving :love:, I paid out the door with tax and licensing $34529.00 (I don't mind saying because there is no price too steep for this great of a vehicle). The Av was born in May of 2002, with all its fingers, toes and a 0% financing price tag. Had been sitting on the lot since June and had a total of 31/2 miles on it. The Dealer told me on the phone (this was an internet deal) when I asked why so cheap, he said "Mr. Wolf I am in East L.A., how many people in East L.A. do you think want a 4X4 with a BIG Block? So I drove 227 miles in a rental to pick up my third child :love:.

Something that may work, is to work him to his lowest price at zero percent and then tell him you want the cash back instead. Work for another Av owner buddy friend o mine and he got his Z71 loaded for under 33,500.00 out the door. When the dealer redid the figures he pointed out the different initial costs and the guy turned red and said he could not do that, 2 hours later the dealer called him, and the rest is Av history. May be worth a shot.

Good Luck.....