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Can You Hear Me Smiling?


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Mar 3, 2002
:D Well, its done. I just got my replacement Av from Reliable Chevy in Springfield, MO (shameless plug). I originally got my Red Z66 Feb. 28. Build date was 8/01 and had it in the shop 6 times in 3 weeks for an assortment of problems...some minor...some major. When I heard water running in the back and I was sure I hadn't ordered the kitchen sink...I had had enough. When I took it in to have the leak fixed and the rear gears replaced (again) there was a district big wig in the shop. After the dealer recommended a buy back...to my amazement he agreed. Well, 5 weeks later...new Red Z66. Only had to pay $547 (12.5 cents/mi) for the 4000 miles I used the truck. Then to my surprise...they are letting me use my GMCard again for another $1000! I do have a brother in law controller at the dealership which is probably the big reason why it went this well. Anyhoo...this is how a new rig should feel. ;D My faith in GM is restored and I love this truck. :B:
Glad to hear it.....now go out and play a little... :D :D
Congrats and good luck!!! Long story short, I had a '92 Ford Aerostar that was in the shop once a month for 2 years. :8: Ford's solution, give us (Ford) another $8,000 and we'll give you a new 1994 Aerostar. :p Fat chance :9: I've always been a Chevy/GM guy even when I work at a Chrysler dealer during high school and college. I gave Ford a chance and they jacked me off. Never again. I've got three Chevys now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! ;D

Yeah I can heaqr you smiling!!!!! it sounds like this AVALANCHE huh?
Yup...now the mods can begin...reading all the mod posts knowing that I really couldn't touch the 1st truck...well...let the ordering begin. Now, if I can just keep my wife out of the garage while I 'adjust' my NEW vehicle. (y)