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Canadian owners ROLL CALL!


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Jan 28, 2016
Hey guys! Newbie from Calgary here. Had an 07 years ago for short time and loved it. Got the itch again few months back and ended up buying a 2012 from local Chev dealer. Wasn't much choice around here. Ended up with a white LT with leather and 20" wheel package. Wasn't my first choice but best one around at the time. There was an LTZ in pearl white 2011 with same kms as my 2012 and pretty close in price but it had a shady history. Theft recovery and accident damage on carproof. Mine has clean carproof which was huge selling feature. Anyway even though I love that pearl white I ended up with just the regular white. Love it soo far!


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Jul 20, 2012
ST.Thomas Ontario Canada
:wave:Hi from a neighbor just down the road in ST.Thomas 
ramsinga said:
Ok, so I was lurking before signing in ... Roger here from Aylmer, Ontario, Canada ... We have an '05 1500 4x4

There are lots of Avalanche owners around town,  I see about 8-10 different ones every time we drive around town. :B:


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Jun 18, 2012
How did I miss this thread, Ive been on here for 3 years now

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Silver Ice 2012 LT


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Mar 4, 2016
You can add my name to the list. 03 NFE black. Radium Hot Springs BC.


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Aug 10, 2015
Aylmer, ON, Canada
Hey Canadian Av owners ... especially those near Aylmer, Ontario ...

We were out this weekend and the plastic ( ABS ) step pad came off on the driver's side nerf bar sidestep.  Any one have side steps they want to sell ... preferably cheaper side  :D


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Jul 20, 2012
ST.Thomas Ontario Canada
ramsinga said:
Hey Canadian Av owners ... especially those near Aylmer, Ontario ...

We were out this weekend and the plastic ( ABS ) step pad came off on the driver's side nerf bar sidestep.  Any one have side steps they want to sell ... preferably cheaper side  :D
I am currently parting out an 05 .  The drivers side bar was trashed but the passenger side one is still there.  If you want the pads off it just come and get them.


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Jul 1, 2016
Scarborough, ON
I’m kinda late to the party. I am in the Central Interior of British Columbia. I just bought a 2004 WBH, with very little rust, 2” levelling kit, 180k kms. Sport Red. So far I am loving it. New stereo and nav system coming soon.View attachment 227358View attachment 227359

Better late than never...
Welcome to the forum, CaribooBC!
I'm late for the party as well :LOL:


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Sep 10, 2020
Hi folks. Just picked up a new to me 2013 LTZ. Then drove 2 days to Nova Scotia?. Love the truck.... gorgeous white. Drove like a dream. Not gonna talk about the gas mileage ?. Will post pics soon. BTW from Napanee Ontario.


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Apr 11, 2021
S. Okanagan BC, Canada
How's it goin eh. Bought mine in April. Needed a few things to fix. The wife says "well you better quit smokin' if you want parts!" Done! Havent had a cigarette since :cool:. Life saver really. The Av is a continuous 'work in progress', so lets just call it a hobby.


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Nov 28, 2014
I want to start an updated list of all Canadian Members here if thats OK. Even if you are a lurker please join in. It's always nice to have someone in your neck of the woods that shares your enthusiasm for the the AV. (y)
I will start compiling the list tommorow, and let us know what town you're from as well.


AV42Medics- Goderich, Ontario --- 03 Cladded DGM

Yakmar- Labrador City, NFLD --- 02 Cladded SOM

Sparky- Calgary, Alberta --- 02 Cladded Black

dichris- Bowmanville, Ontario --- 03 Cladded ABM

LabradorAvy- Churchill Falls, Labrador --- unknown

KCXLT- Sarnia, Ontario --- 04 Cladded Black Z71

c_loss- Burlington, Ontario --- 04 WBH Black

Grandpa- Burlington, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Dark Green Metallic

awoody- Calgary, Alberta --- 04 Cladded SOM

micar- Huntsville, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Black

bryker- Orleans, Ontario --- 02 Cladded Black

Leather- Red Deer, Alberta --- 02 Cladded SOM

mr620- Calgary, Alberta --- Unknown

whitethunder- Hamilton, Ontario --- 02 Cladded Summit White 2500

darcar- Queenston, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Black

maduckie- Oshawa, Ontario --- 02 Dark Green Metallic

The Rock- Toronto, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Black

PhantomAV- Toronto, Ontario --- 04 Dark Blue

Boar-Ral- Edmonton, Alberta --- 02 pewter

movieman- London, Ontario --- 02 Cladded Indigo Blue

Willmood- London, Ontario --- 05 Sport Red

Windlove- London, Ontario --- 03 DRK Green

Locker- Hamilton, Ontario --- 03 WBH Victory Red

quikki- Villa Nova, Ontario --- 03 WBH Metallic Green

nAV- Orleans, Ontario --- 04 Cladded SOM

pydpiper- Princeton, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Black

NatsCanAv- Toronto, Ontario --- 03 Cladded DGM

avlover- Calgary, Alberta --- 03 Black WBH

Rockdoc- High River, Alberta --- 02 Black Cladded 2500

batAv- London-Sudbury, Ontario --- 03 DGM Cladded

RADMAN- Heidelberg, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Arrival Blue

DragonSlayer1- Guelph, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Black 2500

LAFUKCAN- Victoria, British Cloumbia --- 02 Cladded Pewter NFE

Suburbanado- Winnipeg, Manitoba ---03 Cladded DGM

Turbo_Av- Spruce Grove, Alberta --- 04 Cladded DGM 2500

xr4ti- Stittsville, Ontario --- "Still Shopping" ;)

far342R- Kemptville, Ontario --- 02 Av

lawson911- Sudbury, Ontario --- 04 Cladded Silver Birch

NavyZ71wbh- Calgary, Alberta --- 04 Cladded DBM

TimothyPilgrim- Toronto, Ontario --- Still Shopping

DC AV- Dawson Creek B.C. --- 02 Cladded Indigo Blue

JimAlberta- Edmonton, Alberta --- 04 Cladded Dark Grey Metallic

AVinAB- Fort Mcmurray, Alberta --- 02 Cladded Victory Red

TopDawG- Pickering, Ontario --- 04 Cladded Z71

Firetruck- Kingston, Ontario --- 02 Cladded Victory Red

Mroztech- Brantford, Ontario --- '04 Black Z71 WBH

RedHot- Goderich, Ontario --- '05 Red WBH

peiav- Charlottetown, PEI --- '04 WBH Z71 Dark blue

impact- London, Ontario --- 05 WBH 4X4 Summit White

ZED-71- Brandon, Manitoba --- Still Shopping :)

GyroMan- Calgary, Alberta --- 03 Arrival Blue Cladded

davenportC5- Calgary, Alberta --- 2004 Avalanche

Teddy B- Haliburton, Ontario --- 04 Blue WBH

Avsessed- Toronto, Ontario --- 04 Cladded Black

CdnGator- Winnipeg, Manitoba --- 2005 Bermuda Blue Z71

Chasman- Edmonton, Alberta --- 02 Cladded Black

Gar04- Sherwood Park, Aberta --- 04 Cladded Balck

zemongrel- Port Hope, Ontario --- 05 WBH Bermuda Blue

2 The 9s- Dutton, Ontario --- 04 Black WBH

morleyo- Ottawa, Ontario --- 03 Yellow Z-71 WBH

Shredder- Oshawa, Ontario --- 04 Cladded Black

Dragoon- Petawawa, Ontario --- 02 Cladded Blue

jamesf- Toronto, Ontario --- 05 Cladded Red

BigMike- Hamilton,Ontario ---04 Cladded Black

testerdennis- Peterborough, Ontario --- 03 Cladded Black

AvalanChris- Aurora, Ontario --- Unknown

MaxDrag- Kanata, Ontario --- 02 Cladded Indigo Blue

05 To Drive- Calgary, Alberta --- 05 Cladded Bermuda Blue

modavator- Calgary, Alberta --- 04 WBH Arrival Blue

Matt O- St.Catharines, Ontario --- 05 WBH Black

Cruise438- Vancouver, British Columbia --- '03 Victory Red Z71

ve3brl@yahoo.ca- Mississauga, Ontario --- 05 Black WBH

martyc- Montreal, Quebec --- 02 Black Z71

bjb- Saskatchewan --- 03 Cladded DGM

jingers- Milton, Ontario --- 02 cladded Z71?

sjdipietro- Newmarket, Ontario --- 2002 Z71 Pewter Cladded

HaveAnAv- Calgary, AB --- 2005 Z71 Summit White WBH

wyldbill- Medicine Hat, Alberta --- 2002 Summit White Cladded Z71

bANGr- Edmonton, AB --- 2005 Z71 Bermuda Blue WBH

unjuster- Northwestern Ontario --- 2005 DGreyM WBH

defib64- Goderich, Ontario --- 2005 SOM WBH

tenrams- Grand Forks , BC --- 2002 Cladded Black

fullmoon fever- GTA, Ontario --- '02 black cladded

Autobot- Winnipeg, Manitoba --- 2003 Cladded Pewter

4xFever-? ??? --- 2005 WBH SRM

martyc- Montreal, Quebec --- 2002 indigo blue Cladded (painted (y))

daveowen- Ilderton, Ontario --- 02 ??? Pewter WBH

02BlueAvFan- Newmarket,Ont --- 02 Arrival Blue, Cladded Z71

bramr- Uxbridge, ON --- Black 2005 Av WBH

PAIRMEDX- Goderich, Ont --- 2005 SOM II WBH

goalster- Mission, BC --- 2003 White WBH Z71

ctcgirl- Oshawa, On --- 03 Z66 Arrival Blue Cladded

scooter1- Woodstock On. --- 2002 Z71 Cladded Blue

DrX- Winnipeg, Canada --- 2004 Cladded Black Z71

camero81- Calgary ---? ???

kroache- Bolton, Ontario --- 2003 Black Z71

Blader- ST.George Ontario --- 2004 Cladded Pewter

Johnny Rico- Red Deer, Alberta --- 05 AV WBH

Tbirt- Winnipeg, MB --- '04 cladded black

Tonys02on22s- Labrador City --- Victory Red Cladded

Shadowhawk- Cold Lake, Alberta --- ???

tenrams- Grand Forks , BC --- 2002 Cladded Black

BassBandit- Ottawa, Ontario --- 03 Black Avy Cladded

JCMAX- Winnipeg, Manitoba --- 04 white cladded Z71

Pigdog- Windsor, Ontario --- '04 WBC Z71, Black

RAYMAX- Oshawa, Ontario --- SOM Cladded

WINDER- Toronto, Ontario --- 02 Cladded White

Buffsss Stuff- Woodstock, Ontario --- 05 Sport red WBH

Lewis4- Barrie, Ontario --- DGM Cladded

jbadry- Edmonton, AB --- 06 Black Cladded

rollin22x- Calgary, Alberta --- 04 Black

leadhead- Midland Ontario --- 2007 White LT

The Highwayman- Barrie, ON --- 06 Victory Red

Camper- Ottawa, Ontario --- 03 Pewter Cladded

BIG-RED-09-67- Oshawa, Ontario --- 02 Black cladded

duck- Edmonton, Alberta --- 02 & 04 Av's

bionicflite- Vancouver, British Columbia --- 03 Arrival Blue Cladded

danner- Burlington, Ontario --- 03 z66

motorcitysmittydr- Burlington, Ontario --- 03 Vict Red Cladded

chevy_girlie_girl- Guelph, Ontario --- 2004 Z71 Black

04Sunburstcanada- Elora Ontario --- 2004 Sunburst Orange Metallic Z71

Avrohead- Stoney Creek, Ontario --- 2004 Silver cladded Z66

jimbo_fterie- Fort Erie, Ontario --- '05 Z71 Black WBH

Motion427- N.B Canada --- 04 1500 Z71

Bobolanche- Edmonton, Alberta --- Black '07 LTZ


KLR Craig- Canadian living in California
Nelson B.C. --- 2007 Gold LTZ