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can't start my truck :(


Full Member
Dec 17, 2005
Today I was going to start my truck but it wouldn?t? it will only blink all lights, stereo and the display that shows the miles.

I thought it was the battery that was shorted to something but I doubt it,

I did it like 3 times and at the 4th time I was pumping the gas an it started.

I don?t know what happen.

My battery status is green (ok)
Remove battery cables from battery, clean, replace.  Test battery.  Replace battery :)
i will have it check...but this problem started 2 days after i took it to the dealer for a oil change...maybe they moved something... or maybe a computer issue since i need to pump the accelerator 2 or 3 times. I will take it Monday morning to the dealer...
Could also be starter solenoid lockup, we had one just like that a couple of weeks ago, similar situation but gas peddle had nothing to do with it.  Hit it with a bar a couple of times and it finally took hold.