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Cargo Cover Leak?


SM 2003
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Aug 14, 2002
Katy, Texas
Took delivery of a 2002 Avalanche yesterday. It rained all night and all the way to work this morning (fairly heavy rain). When I got to work I opened the tailgate to check for leaks and found the the box floor (cargo mat) had water drops on it side to side right under the seam between the #2 and #3 cargo cover panel with some light misting near the seam between 1 and 2. The quantity was minimal (not enough to soak a towel but enough to soak a t-shirt when wiping it up.) Is this normal?

I also noticed some staining on the cargo mat probably from 6 months of the dealer washing the vehicle. Is there something I should use on the rubber seals between the sections or do I have a major problem?

There was enough water that I wouldn't want to have a bunch of cardboard boxes or bags of dog food etc. back there for an extended length of time.

Take your cargo cover off, and wipe down the seals with a cleaner/treat something or other. I did this, and my leak went away.

Also check for alignment. The cargo cover rails are slightly adjustable I have heard, though I have not had to take it to that step yet.

I did however find some dirt in there, probably from sitting at dealers lot.
Do a search on here for cargo covers or panels etc..

Many threads discussing the new versions Vs the old ones.

openminds is right. take the panels apart and clean the seals then reassemble. The correct way to latch them in is left first then right. I didn't know this in the beginning but read that in the manual . Mine hasn't leaked since i cleaned and learned how to latch properly, but I still don't trust it completely.