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Cat Back Exhaust Debate!!!!


SM 2007
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Apr 10, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
OK so I have spent hours and hours and hours and .......... (well you get the picture) researching Cat Back exhausts. I have a 04 5.3 and was originally going to do the Supermaxx header set up but was told that was unnecessary as the GM cats were already high flow so I'm going with JBA Headers. Now its to the Cat back exhaust thanks to people like Muffman and 11H I think I have a pretty good understanding of whats out there but how does one decide obviously the Corsa and Borla are decent systems but the price  :laugh:. So then its down to Flowmaster or Dynatech no Flowmaster no Dynatech  :E:.

I live in MI (i.e. snow, salt, rain , etc ) Is it best to get the Dynatech as it is stainless steel and it has been engineered to fit in my truck and install in the driveway. Or do I gamble on some retard at a so called "custom exhaust shop" to fab me up a custom set up with the flowmasters?????????


Stainless Steel
Dynoed power ( or so they claim)
Installed by me

Single outlet
sound is TBD I have listened on there site but can tell anything

Flowmaster Super 40 3" inlet 21/4 outlet
Great Sound
Slightly cheaper
Dual outlets
If there to loud, can easily swap to 70 series

Aluminized (spelling?) Steel (rust?????)
Installed by a potential idiot trying to make a buck

Any thoughts or feelings?? I know everyone is different but there has to be a determining factor any replies greatly appreciated :B:
Hi bjf102106,
Since you are putting lots of thought and research into your purchase the next step might be to attend a GTG locally and actually go on a test ride in other Avs in your area to see how the different systems sound in person to you. What is one person's music is another person's noise.
By talking to other owners you can look at their systems to see how they are holding up to your weather conditions and see which install you like the best.
I know you laugh at the Corsa price but i got it on my AV in the first year and I plan to keep it for a long time so the cost is not to bad when you consider that I will not have to replace my system in a few years and if needed it has a lifetime warranty.
I might have thought differently if I had a three or four year old AV and I was not going to keep it after just a couple years.
Great Advice guys! Not sure I can wait for a GTG though I'm not a very patient guy  :E:. I have looked hard at the Corsa it just seems too expensive I have had the original 40 on my trucks in the past (69 Chevy, 74 Chevy) and it was loud but I liked it like that. I guess its going to depend if I can find a shop I am comfortable with  :needhug:............ thanks for the input