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Catch-All Mat Color For 2003 Av


Full Member
Feb 21, 2003
Panama City, FL
I have a 2003 Avalanche with dark charcoal interior and was wondering what color was the Nifty Products Catch-alls mats that people have been buying. They come in Grey and Charcoal. But I don't think my carpet is Grey or Charcoal, it is more of a dark pewter color. The product numbers for the three piece Catch-all set are: 631431-Charcoal, 631438-Grey. I have also seen 631455-Dark Pewter. Does this Dark Pewter match the color in the 2003 avalanches? What color mats should I get?
i just bought a set of the Charcoal Catch-All's. they looked as if they would be an exact match. but, when i got them in the truck there was a slight difference in the color. in the sun the mats are darker than the carpet. but, they are so cool. so i do not mind. they really do what they are supposed to do.
maybe the other colors will be a closer match. but the one's i got are fine no one has noticed but me. i really do not think the Grey is the right color either. :B: