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Change Color Of Button/led Lights?


Full Member
Jun 21, 2002
Bellevue, Nebraska
I did a search and didn't find this topic, so I thought I would ask the modding masters. I recently installed a bluetooth car kit in my car and the button lights are a dark saphire blue. I noticed that some of you installed neons of the same color, so you might have already done this. Would it be an huge amount of work to change the color of the lights in the dash buttons? In my S4, which has all red lights, there are one or two small bulbs per light that give off red light. Then a piece of clear plastic acts like a fiber optic to conduct the colored light to the surface of the button. So, it seems like you would have to replace all of the button lights. Impossible? Even if I do this, I am still stuck with the blue-green leds on the stereo and the odometer. Also, I have seen people replace the faces of the guages, but can you buy aftermarket colored needles?

I imagine that this seems kind of superficial, but I would like everything to match and I really like the dark blue. Any help/advice would be very appreciated. Thanks,