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Change For A Dollar?


Full Member
Sep 12, 2002
Okay, how many of you geeks have actually made money doing the "Change for a dollar" thing? ?I have. ?$2.00! ?One from an aunt, and another from a friend. ?Perhaps we should have a contest to see who is the geekiest.
hey ..dog, know you know, the av is not the ordinary truck. i pull the window 4-5 times a week, yank off the tailgate, drop the midgate and cruise...........fully exposed all the damn time just cause its....me and my...av./.. for work or play the av makes the day.... get change every time you can, my running buddys dad used to say...............................get it when you can
i don't know guy's. i'm getting a little tired of the "change for a dollar" thing. some people actually expect me to do it at the worst times. :8:
I decided to make up a coffee can with some AV pics on it & the words, "Change for a Doller" They want change, I'll bring out the can. Hey have to pay for some mods somehow.