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Changing Own Oil


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Feb 14, 2002
Castro Valley NoCal
The tape to fix my window flapping noise came in so I called the dealership. While I had him on the line I asked him about not wanting to pay $90-100 to get my oil changed there because how much they charge for Mobil 1. He said "I hear ya man". But not having a grease gun I asked how much for a chassis lube? $20-25. Not bad. Plus it gives me a reason to go look at new stuff on the lot. I figure with all the money I'm saving by doing it myself I might as well take it in and get the under caraige checked out. :B:
Very good idea chevylover...I usually get my chassis lubed every other oil change or so.....just like to make sure everything is properly lubed down under... :B:
Chevylover,$20-25 is a total rip-off to lube the Av.It's supposed to be done at every oil change.If you are doing you own oil,you really ought to get a grease gun.Get a pistol grip with an 18" flex-hose($20 or so including grease).

It only takes 5 minutes once you have done it a couple of times.One zerk is hard to reach,but easily changes to a 90*.Even synthetic grease is cheap.And you KNOW it was done properly!I wouldn't trust anybody but a dealer or top mechanic to do this.I'll bet there is not a "quick-lube "place anywhere that gets this done right!JMO
aVOLanche - are the steps for lubing the chassis in the owners manual or the shop manual? If not, can you write up some "how to" instructions and post them on the board?

Nate,i'll go through the archives and post in the chassis lube thread to get it back to the top.
I took my wifes's '01 Tahoe in for an oil/filter + lube at the Chevy dealer where we bought it. This was its 3rd oil change and lube, 9K miles. I did the 1st two changes and lubes. Growing up, since I was 14 years old I've been changing oil and lubing my family's vehicles and now mine. But, a few months ago, the Tahoe needed service and it was cold and wet out, so I said screw and I'll pay the $20.00 and have the dealer do it. I thought I'd have peace of mind knowing they would do it right. Well, I was WRONG. :8: I know why they can guarantee an oil change, filter and lube in 29 minutes or less...they don't do the lube. When I got the truck home that night, I got on my back and checked out the "lube job" The grease fittings still had dust on them. :9: So, I guess I'm back to doing the oil & lube myself. :(

Truckman :B:
I just did my first lube the past weekend... I have the pistol grip gun and the flex hose. I found 10 zerks. I am not sure,,but are there 11? ?Seems like I used a lot of grease also. ?The 10 I found were relatively easy to access. All in all it took 20-30 minutes. Spent more time looking for them than zerking.. Still have not figured where the 90 degree zerk goes.

Hey, I think that would make a great article for the eMagazine. Once you get the details go ahead and submit it for consideration.
I have been changing my own oil since I brought my AV home. ?:love: I now have over 29k miles. I use quaker state full synthetic ultra premium SAE 5w30 motor oil and use a Purolator Pureone oil filter PL25288. ?Total cost around $37.
I do my own lube as well every oil change, my average between changes is about 7K miles. ?There is one zerk that I changed to be 90 degrees so now all 11 zerks get done in minutes. ? :cool: