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Charging System Warning Light On Dimly


New Member
Jan 9, 2003

Anybody know what this problem could be?

The charging system light comes on brightly during starting and goes off as normal except for certain times when it will glow dimly for a while. Sometimes it will stay glowing dimly for a longtime even after stopping and removing the key. Sometimes it goes off after a short time driving. The voltmeter gauge is normal, there is no DIC Warning and the battery never seems weak during starting etc. I did notice that the headlights dim quite a bit when raising two windows or more at the same time. Maybe a voltage regulator problem? I hope it's not a short in the dash indicator light itself as I guess they would have to take the dash apart?

I'd have the dealer look at it, there are too many things that it could or couldn't be.
I am the proud brand new owner of an Avalanche, but I am suffering from a series of bad instrument clusters. When I test drove the black beauty that I bought, I noticed the batt. voltage light was dimly glowing, whether the ignition was on or not. The dealer immediately checked the vehicle and said that the instrument cluster test indicated a short was causing the glowing light.

A replacement cluster took over a week to obtain. In the meantime (after waiting a week) the dealer tried to swap instrument clusters with another Avalanche. It didn't work. I have the steering wheel controled Driver Information Center; the replacement was from a vehicle that did not.

Today they replaced that cluster with the one they had ordered for me. After 10 miles the tach started indicating an engine speed of 5000 rpm. When off, the needle sits at 3000 rpm and while driving, it varies from 4500 to 6000+.

Is anyone else having instrument cluster problems with their 2003 Avalanches?
The '03's are supposedly having problems with the R&R on any of the systems in the dash, instrment cluster, radio, ect. ?All I 've heard is the components are all bused together and if the exact method is not used for installation everything acts up. ?KEEP IN MIND, this is only what I've heard, not what I know. ?Anyone else?

PS- Holland, Congrats on your recent adoption of an 03 AV and welcome to the club!
Holland, welcome to the club. It sounds as if the harness/connector could be the problem - perhaps a misfit, crack, short, etc - my uninformed $.02
Welcome to the club - Holland congrats on the Av. I do have to agree with gandolphxx sounds like you may have a harness or harness plug issue - maybe a loose fit in the plug on a terminal or a ground circuit connection problem. I am afraid it is back to the dealer though. :cautious:
NSAV - your sounds more like an alternator problem than the cluster problem. I have seen diode problems cause something similar - is the gauge showing charge? If so it is probably not a regulator although if repalcement of the alternator is required then relax as regulator is internal. Dimming lights is comman when the system is loaded.
Thanks to all who replied.

My voltage meter seems normal and the truck starts fine so I think it is charging OK.

It sounds like Holland's problem is the same, so I may need a new cluster. I'll see what the dealer says.

I also have the passenger side heated mirror problem so I'm going in anyway.


I also have this problem on my 2500. Dealer said they tried to reprogram the cluster. Didn't work- they are ordering a new cluster. Any new thoughts???