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Check Out These Wrecked Av Pics (Not My Av)


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Jun 11, 2002
Littleton, CO
Here are some sad Av pics here in Denver. They will be auctioned off so if you want them, check it out ;D! It's always sad to see Avs in pain and suffering :C:.

Av #1

Av #2 I should get this one as my first car because it has the least damage and it will be sold for a low price :0:.

Av #3

So what do y'all think? Pretty sad IMO :cry:

The scary thing is that 2/3rd's of them are rollovers!

I know the AV has a relatively high center of gravity, and after seeing this pictures, if makes you wonder if the accidents were caused by stupid driving or the AV has a pretty good chance of rolling over.

I wonder what sort of injuries the occupants received. Looks like one of them got the jaws of life used on it. :cry:

Whassa group think?

Well if BIGRED would have ended up on his roof, then I would call it a roll-over. Noticing that all the damage was on the passenger side I wouldn't call it a roll over.
Yeah, he just "flipped" onto his side.

On the other hand, are the links still working?? They won't for me...
Beach said:
Yeah, he just "flipped" onto his side.

On the other hand, are the links still working?? ?They won't for me...

Yes, as far as I can tell those links are working.

Yes, I did notice that the white Av was a NFE which makes the wreck of that one even sadder :cry:.

IMO, the handling on the Av seems decent but all of the reviews that I read say that its handling is bad at best. I suppose I could agree with both opinions.
Man, that sucks. I do a little part time work at an Insurance Auto Auction house. I'd say about 2/3 of the wrecked insurance vehicles are sport utes of some fashion. Some of them have been really impressive and most were rollovers. BE CAREFUL WITH THOSE AV's. Didn't see one at the auction yet and don't want to!!!!
Drive slow mt friends!!
Remember this: it is better to show up late than not at all!.

I drive my av like I am king of the hill. Slow ansd steady!

I found this one at Yahoo


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