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Chevrolet Avalanche "Meanest For The Environment"


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Ugh! ?I went from driving one of the greenest vehicles on the road (the 3.4 liter powered Pontiac Montana) to one of the meanest. ?The 5.3 liter Avalanche scored a 12 on a scale from 1 to 100. ?The 8.1 liter 2500 was not considered in the ratings because it is not considered a light truck.

This should open up some lively debate! ?;) ;) ;)

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Well, at least we were at the top of the meanest list. :cautious: There were a few 10's listed.

"Yeah but ... ours go up to 12"
What is the excursion then that thing is a pig!!!!
A completely scientific poll, I'm sure. ?How do they come up with those numbers - and has anyone seen an Excursion with a 5.4 engine? ?How many F150s are cruising out there with the 4.2 6 cyl? ?

Did they factor in the fact that an Av can serve the purposes of multiple vehicles and therefore eliminate someone needing to take two vehicles somewhere or have a smoke belching delivery truck bring goods from wherever. ?BTW, I'm not an Earth Dog!!! ?Earth Hog???
If it takes you 6 trips in an encono-car to haul the number of people and equipt 60 miles, one way for work or a weekend adventure; are you really doing better for the environment?
Truly unfair.....somehow I come to expect that kind of feedback for some reason from those folks... :B:
I kinda like the fact that I'm driving one of the "meanest vehicles on the road"

In terms of bad fuel economy, what about the viper and other big sports cars :rolleyes:
Down here our version of the Suburban has a 168 litre fuel tank. ?I love going to the gas station and walking in to pay the $145.00 that it has cost to fill up, and they look at you with that "who farted" look on their face and ask, "how can you do that?" ?I assume they are talking about the environment. ?My standard answer is... "well you see, I'm an environmentalist, and as fossil fuels are so bad for the environment I'm doing my part by burning them up really quickly to get rid of them"!

They usually haven't 'got it' before I've left and they are just staring blankly as I leave.
falchion said:
of course $146 aus is about $20.00 us :)

Yep.. that seems about right but on todays rates it's actually $79.32 USD (not that I'm watching).

To give you an idea, to fill the Surburban today (from empty or 44.4 Gal) would cost $154.56AUD or $83.97USD so in your numbers our current fuel price is $1.89 per Gallon. :eek:
Not too bad, Skidd. That's a bit less than half what the POME's pay in the UK. Only around 50% more than here. Certainly closer to our prices than most places in the world. What percentage of your gasoline is imported and how much is refined in Australia? Just curious.
digitaldiver said:
Not too bad, Skidd. ?That's a bit less than half what the POME's pay in the UK. ?Only around 50% more than here. ?Certainly closer to our prices than most places in the world. ?What percentage of your gasoline is imported and how much is refined in Australia? ?Just curious.

The average price in the UK (Shell) yesterday was 73p/ litre or $4.24USD per US Gal :eek: :eek: Of course all of these numbers really mean very little unless you take into account the average income for each of the countries involved. Then again I suppose the average income really means not much to many people anyway. They tell us the average Aussie income is $52K AUD... sure must be some good ones holding up that average.

Anyway to answer your question currently about 20% of our oil is imported, they expect the gap to widen as consumption moves further away from supply. Mmmm maybe I should buy the 5.3 litre 1500 and not the 8.1 litre 2500 as planned. ;D Yeah right! ROFL ;D