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Chevrolet SSR


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Mar 26, 2002
New York
Has anyone come accross anything new about this truck ? I haven't heard anything the past few months.
I want to start planning for my Avs new sleeping partner in the garage ;)
I was just looking at the video of it on Edmonds. I would love to have one, but probably not for a few years.

Just think how cool it would be to get a open car trailer hooked to the back of your AV with an SSR on it. Just think how about much attention THAT would get.

If I'm not mistaken they are supposed to be in the neighborhood of $40,000...a little too much for me to hand over.... :B:
yep. They haven't set a price yet. The owner of the dealership I know told me that $40k was about right but wasn't sure yet what the premium/markup would be. They already have 5 people on the waitlist. Most dealers will get allocated only 1 in the first year. Some folks have put deposits down of over $5,000. Interesting thing he mentioned to me. The majority of the people of the lists for both his dealerships were women! Very cool I thought... :cool:
NJAV said:
If I'm not mistaken they are supposed to be in the neighborhood of $40,000...a little too much for me to hand over.... :B:

Yeah, pretty pricey for a ride that is supposed to fill the void of the Camaro.
"People want it (Chevy SSR/Avalanche), but don't know they want it yet. They haven't seen anything like this before." ? Ed Schoener, Avalanche brand manager, Chevrolet . :B:

Taken from HERE
DETROIT - Auto enthusiasts anxious to get close to the much-anticipated Chevrolet SSR will get their wish, as the first saleable Chevy SSR will be featured prominently on the Chevrolet stand during this year's North American International Auto Show. VIN #1 is the first of 25 saleable SSRs to be used in a unique launch program that will create one-of-a-kind "pedigrees" for each vehicle. Both the vehicles and the program carry the name "Signature Series."

Production of the Signature Series SSRs began in December 2002 and will continue through April 2003. They will be used in a wide variety of high-profile launch activities around the country throughout the 2003 calendar year. Many will be part of themed events created specifically around the SSR. Each vehicle will embark on a unique journey, and along the way, Chevrolet representatives will collect memorabilia, photographs, autographs, news clippings and other keepsakes that connect to the journey. These collectibles will create a "pedigree" specific to each SSR, and will be placed in a special scrapbook that will be auctioned off with each vehicle at the end of its road trip.

"We developed the Signature Series vehicles and program concept as a creative way to introduce the new Chevy SSR to as many people as possible," said Russ Clark, marketing director for Chevy's mid-size trucks. "Each SSR will have its own unique adventure - a pedigree of sorts - that could never be duplicated."

Signaling the start of SSR saleable production, the Signature Series vehicles will carry vehicle identification numbers (VINs) 000001 through 000025 (automotive collectors often seek out low numbers.) Unlike the rest of the Signature Series vehicles, which will have two signatures on their 'waterfall' interior badge, VIN #1 will have four (GM President and CEO Rick Wagoner, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, GM North America President Gary Cowger, and GM Design Vice President Wayne Cherry). GM will retain this SSR as part of its historic vehicle collection.

Ultimately, all of the Signature Series SSRs (with the exception of VIN #1) will be offered for sale through public or GM dealer auctions during 2003. The scrapbook and memorabilia collected in association with the use of that particular vehicle will be included as part of the auction package, adding to authenticity of the vehicle's pedigree.

The SSR Signature Series program will consist of nine themed pedigrees, including a "Stars Car," a "Rock & Roll," car and five "Street Art SSRs." Specific details for some pedigrees have yet to be finalized and will be announced at a later date.

Start of SSR regular retail production and shipment to Chevrolet dealers is scheduled to begin at General Motors' Lansing (Mich.) Craft Centre in Summer 2003.

There is nothing else like the SSR in the market today. It's part roadster, part pickup and is a completely innovative expression of Chevy's proud heritage. A highlight of SSR's design is a unique power-operated retractable hardtop that stores vertically in a compartment between the passenger and rear storage compartments.

The frame and chassis of the SSR are similar in design to Chevy's mid-size TrailBlazer family of sport utilities. All exterior panels are of stamped steel. Power comes from a new aluminum block version of GM's Vortec 5300 (5.3-liter) small-block V-8 and drives the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. Rounding out the sporty street machine appearance of the SSR are 19-inch front and 20-inch rear tires and wheels.

A comprehensive program of regular production options and accessories will be available for the 2003 SSR, with additional accessories being added in subsequent model years.

i wanted to get one until i read what the projected price would be. so i got the AV. two totally different beasts. i'm glad i got the AV though. the SSR can't compare with the AV's versatility. :B:
Well one thing is for sure...if your planning on starting a family anytime soon...your not going to find room for baby seats or anything kid related for that matter....this is going to be strictly for the young at heart...or for those who's kids already moved out of the house.... ;D :B:
has anyone seen the replica SSR wheels available at SSR.
once on the sight click monthly specials. scroll down towards the bottom. they also have have factory look Denali wheels in 20" size. :B: