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Chevy Avalanche Fan Club Web Site Month Of July


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Here are the vital statistics as of 7/31/02 11:59 PM:
Number of registered members: ?1,898 ?
Total unique visitors: ?91,226
Total page views: ?847,007 ?
Total unique hits: ?7,189,381 ?
Total traffic in kilobytes: ?50.7 GIGs ?
Average page views per visit: 9 ?
Average length of visit: ?14 minutes 01 seconds ?
This represents a 32% increase in unique visitors and a 33% increase in page views from the month of June! ?WOW! ?Membership grew 32% also. ?Page views per visitor was static and the average visitor stuck around for 51 more seconds compared to last month. ?This represents our seventh consecutive month of growth.
Most visited pages in order:

1. Discussion Board Home Page (1)
2. CAFCNA Home Page (2)
3. Chevrolet Avalanche 2002 Owners Manual PDF (3)
4. Owner's Reviews Home Page (4)
5. Resources Home Page (5)
6. Cruise Database Home Page (:cool:
7. Fun Stuff Home Page (7)
8. Chevrolet Avalanche Online Parts Guide (9)
9. 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Features Page **
10. Club Store Home Page **

** New to the list

Wow - what a month! ?We more than doubled our data transfer rate from last month. ?We're on target at current growth rates to exceed the major mile stones of 100,000 unique visitors and 1,000,000 page views in a single month. ?Earlier in the month average page views per visitor was at 10, but it drop to a real average of 9.29 by the end of the month. ?Minutes greatly increased as the month went by.

Thanks for another great month!
What do ya' say Chief...the proof is in the pudding...you produce on a consistent basis.....now how about coming out to Jersey and running for office.... :D
We are Rockin'
produce a informative/quality sight and they will come!

Great job Chief and Thanks for ALL your hard work (y)
Chief said:
Minutes greatly increased as the month went by.
That's gotta be me... I found the site and joined in mid-month, and I've been spending WAAAaaaaaayyyyy too much time here. I gotta get some work done! (The dangers of working at home on the computer, with a cable modem connection!) >:D

Let's hear three cheers for Chief!

-- SS