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Chevy Avalanches In The News

Geez, that story in New Mexico is very sad :cry: :cry:. I hate to read the description of everything that happened in that story.

I haven't heard of any news stories myself that involve the AV. I have SEEN AVs on the news though. One time, the local news was talking about rising gas prices and showed a picture of a man refueling an SOM AV. They were probably trying to show a gas guzzler being filled up to add emphasis :7:. Stupid anti-SUV crowd!

Then, last Sunday, I saw an AV on the news coming down from the mountains on I70 when they were talking about all the new snow :).
Wow, maybe someone will leave that kind of money in the tank of my new AV. ;D
ZimmsAV....you sure that wasn't your traffic stop?
The NM story is very sad - that should of never happened.

I hope the federal laws are changed so people can't hide behind reservations laws.