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Chicago Auto Show Feb 9th


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Looking to come down to chicago for the auto show as they have the new stingray vet and so much more

was interested in seeing if anyone would want to meet up! (y)


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It's leaving Detroit today and it was very nice this year. You will enjoy it. (y)


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what did they have for freebies there... i went a few years ago and they had tons of free shirts hats everything but it was all ford SOOO i didnt grab any of it


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I went with MS and was a little disappointed, not a lot of schwag, I managed to find a few stickers and small magnet calenders for the 2013 Detroit Grand Prix,
I was also kinda bummed with GM that they didn't even have a Black Diamond on display. I also would have loved to see the Copo Camaro, and the new Impala cop car with the 6.0. But sadly the General was all about the Hoidy Toidy C7 (Bla Bla Bla)

I actually think Ford had the best displays (even though they are my least favorite of the big 3) They had all their current line-up of car and trucks (minus the Raptor) and a great display of their Police/Emergency vehicles.