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Chinese Engines?


SM 2004
Full Member
Feb 15, 2003
Plymouth Meeting, PA
A little while ago, I read something about GM moving production of certain V-8 engines over to China. :8: Has anybody else heard much about this?? I'm hoping somebody can refresh me on some specifics, but didn't they say it would involve the 5.3L starting in the '04 model year? 2004 is also the year that GM is supposed to start rolling out the "Displacement On Demand" V-8's, which I really like the idea of, and would be willing to wait for, especially if the Avalanche can get one in 6.0L. But right now, I'm losing sleep over whether I should go for an '03 or wait and find out what's offered for the '04, so this is one more issue for me debate. Can anyone tell me more?

I read somewhere that Displacement On Demand wasn't going to happen until 2006 trucks......
When I get my 2003, one of the Experimental Mods I was going to try was to fool the pcm into thinking the engine was running hot, thus it would go into the 8 stroke mode..... ( Air cooled, from the inside ) and see what she runs like, and fuel economy.... probably just a highway mode and might increase about 4 MPiG....