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Christmas NOT on Main Street, Sort of in Volant PA, Nov 12 2022 POSTPONED

Going to miss out on the doughnuts and said she was going to make Christmas cookies.

Volant started out slow and gathered in popularity as we kept going back. Hoping the same will happen with the new version.
I didn't say I wasn't going to go. Just thinking your Avalanche will feel lonely being the only one there.
Wouldn't be the first time mine was the only one. Based on the forecast, the 02 is staying home.
Yeah, wish the warmth would stay around for just one more day
I am more concerned about wet roads, or mud puddles in the driveway at donuts.
I went Avless at my last GTG, I can do it again.
As long as you have 4wd, I think you'll be fine
I was more worried about getting dirty, than getting stuck.

James, are you coming?
Toots thinks that me and her should skip this.
We both have been sick for the past week - runny nose and cough.
If you are going to skip it then that's fine. I honestly can't have any donuts anyways. I was going to get a couple for a friend.
Yeah, let's postpone this one indefinitely.

Christmas Land at Kraynak's is seasonal.
With the exception of Kraynak's, we can do any of the other stops any time.

If anyone wants to try this on another date, post up what date(s) works for you.
Keep in mind, the closer we get to Christmas, the more crowded Kraynak's gets.
Kraynak's was already getting busy in September.
You are the first one to ask.
No, I have not planned anything for this GTG this year.
The first two weekends in November are out for me.
But if anyone wants to go, I don't have to be there.