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Cladding II


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Mar 27, 2002
Bybee, Virginia
After waiting over a month for the dealer to get the part, it
was installed on a Monday. On Tuesday went out to lunch
with some buds and discovered a dent in the hood right where it angles down. DANM IT!. Who did it? Wednesday
night I go to use some detail mist and find a huge grease
smear on the front fender flare. I get the sales jerk on the phone and scream bloody murder. Service manager says it could have happened anywhere. Then I show him the picture of the grease smear, they fixed it. I had to sit and wait for
three hours for a tech from Dent Wizards, he comes between
9:00 to 12:00, hey idiots, ever hear of a cell phone, call him
and find out when he's gonna show so I don't have to sit there
wait for three hours.

Needless to say that dealers history!
Ugh . . yet another reason to stay away from dealers! I don't know if independent service places are universally any better, but my experience is that they take a bit better care of vehicles left in their care than dealer service folks . . . not that you have much choice under warranty . . but for non-warranty work or routine manitenance - DIY or go to an independent - IMO.
I am switching dealers - my check engine light came on today and I was coming by the dealer and stopped in for them to run a quick check... I am going to the mtns this weekend and don't want problems.

Well they couldn't fit me in for a week and started to give me a bunch of BS (as they have in the past) like an I am idiot. Now I am not an engine wizard as some on the site, though I do have a brain and can't stand a service scheduler talking down to me.

I drove to another dealer closer to my home, they pulled it in, ran a check and found the problem and have a part on order (GM's cost).

OK - I am better now - thanks for letting me rant :D

Better hope they don't find all that mud caked up in your engine bay Blueruck!

;D ;D ;)

I don't know HOW that mud got into the air filter Mr. Service Manager. Imagine that!


That is tonight's project - the bottom of the air box is a dead give away :)

I mentioned in another thread re dealers. Take your AV to it's rich uncle... the Cadillac service dept will be happy to take your warranty work. I usually despise my service trips, but the Caddy boys made me a true believer when I had the steering box replaced. Besides, they washed the beast and topped off the washer bottle. I'm sure you'll be happy there...
Tks for the reminder Ghost ;). I remember reading your post a while back now that u reminded me. It will be handy when I get my AV as our Caddy dealer is only 5 blocks from my house ;D
gstreak said:
Sounds typical. ?They piss you off........... and fix it anyway. ?Why not fix it before they piss you off?
And what's really sad is that when they've fixed it (after pissing you off) they think that the have "gone the extra mile for customer service". They have no conception of what they have just done.