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Cladding Uninstall/Install



I damaged three cladding panels on my 02 AV -- right passenger door and both right rear quarter panels. Has anyone removed and reinstalled new cladding before? Just looking for a bit of advice and helpful instruction.


I hit a deer and when the bump shop took the cladding off, they broke all the clips that hold it on but I think GM has a clip kit for the cladding parts. It didn't matter though because my insurance allowed for replacement cladding. Hope this helps.
Hay robs, Check out my web site. The little house below my sig. I laid out everything and took pictures when I painted my cladding. Good luck...............later Jon
Thanks Jon! Great pictures and instructions. Did you get the clip popper and plastic shims from Chevy or a standard auto parts store?

That's funny, as soon as i read the title of the thread I'm thinking 'boy do I know the guy for him!!' But Alaska Av has already replied. Did not even give me a chance to say what an expert he is, and the detail he went to in helping other folks with this. (y)
Thanks I feel better now ;) ;)
The clip popper is a door panel removal tool , most auto parts stores should have this item. The shims I used are plastic and came from Home Depot type store.
Some people also remove the inner door panels and squeeze the tabs together from the inside to remove the outside panel. Good luck...........It's Easy ;)