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Clean And Paint My Avs Frame



I'm slowly cleaning the tar undercoating off the hydro formed frame. I m under the av a couple times a week and its a greasy mess to reach in and around the frame.. up front, ive been working in the front crossmember where the lower a frame bolts up and its damn tuff to get the tar off and then put a nice coat of black semigloss on the clean frame. all of my old k-5s had painted frames that i kept up. has anybody steam cleaned or pressure washed with something e-z Ill end up using 100 cans of brake clean if i have to. Im gonna keep it long enough to clean this up from front to back so when im hanging out under the av I can mess with stuff instead of making a mess out of me


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Feb 21, 2002
Greeley, CO
Yowza . . . that sounds like a lot of work! Your profile doesn't give where your're at, but if it's humid country, I'd keep the tar . . rust ain't pretty. Here in Colorado and other dry spots, paint is OK . . . and indeed neater.

Should be real pretty painted though . . . will you dare take it off road after all that work?


this will take a loooong time maybe a steam cleaner or sumpthin, igot to many other things to do anr its too messy,,, gonna give up on this for now