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Clock radio glitch - 2007


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Feb 1, 2007
Clarkston, MI
This has only happened to me once (yesterday) but I was just curious if anyone else has seen this:
I have the touch screen nav without dvd hookup on my 07.  While driving last night I remember looking down at the time.  After a quick stop I got back on the road, looked down to see what time it was, and the reading was gone?  Not like blank where the spot is in the upper corner, gone like everything on the screen had adjusted so you never would think the time spot was there.  I turned the power off as to where you would normally get the blue screen with only the time reading on it... just a blank blue screen!  I hadn't messed with the settings at all so I have no idea what could have happened.  Next time I started the truck the time was back like it should be.  Anyone else come across this?
:help:  It did it again on the way home from work today.  Not having the clock doesn't bug me that much, I am just hoping that it is not anything more severe?
there is actually a Bulletin about it


Score!  Thanks so much... I was kinda hoping it was just a bug, where did you find that at so I can follow up on it down the road?  :yourock:

gm_geek said:
there is actually a Bulletin about it

Bump, does anyone have access to these bulletins to see if this has been resovled?  I am going to the dealership tomorrow for some other stuff and called ahead to see if they know about a fix... the guy said he had never heard of this problem  :E:
That makes sense, I guess that is about the only time I have a problem too.  Thanks for the heads up!  Hopefully they will have a fix for this soon...