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Close Encounter Of The Funny Kind...


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
So while playing weekend warrior an hour presented itself to get off Fort Lewis and get some real food. So coming out of KFC with a buddy I open up the door to my Av and a can falls out. I pick it up and this PUNK in a rice burner Honda revs his motor so I can here the coffee can muffler. Oh this one was decked out to the max. Stickers, cut springs, faux clips on the rim, deep tinted glass, and of course red. The only thing missing was the big goofy looking spoiler. It was very clear, all show - no go.

So I get in the Av and they pull into the spot and they get out and start with the dirty looks. I back out of my spot, and glancing down to verify I'm in 2-Hi I decide to take advantage of the rain soaked pavement.

I shift all the way to first.

I plant the gas pedal to the floor.

My Avalanche remained stationary. As 285 HP of Chevy engine came alive and the rear tires lit up. Boys, this is what a real engine sounds like, not a toy engine in a toy car.

When I let off of the gas the differentials caught up with all the power and the Av lurched about 50 feet like it was on a catapult.

The ricers just went inside. Good thing - with those cut springs and sitting so low to the ground if one of them had flipped me off I'd been tempted to try 4-Lo for the first time.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

P.S. - No didn't appreciate the bad attitude considering I'm risking my arse to protect their right to drive an import and have a bad attitude. Some people just don't get it...

:mad: :mad: :mad:
GREAT POST !!! :D I understand your feelings ES-ACKLY - former U.S. Marine 1981-1985 & active reserve 1989-1991. Thanks your your service......

The ones that don't get it never will..... :(

Keep Those Young Punks in Line....... ;D

Laterz......... ;D

You are a GI with 100% confidence in his Ave transmission!