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Club Decal/Logo Is Coming...


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Jan 10, 2002
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We're real close on this - I've just seen the most recent draft and it's 99.9% done. Just a couple of minor tweaks. Trust me - you're going to like it. Thanks to the generousity of some folks around here we've got enough to keep things up and running as well as cover a first run on vinyl decals with adhesive! So I'll have inventory to move (with a payment via PayPal) to cover expenses.

It's coming!
Any chance of getting one before the end of the month. I'm driving cross country through the south going and the north coming back to California. Maybe I could get one on the Av before I leave
Which design was finally chosen. With all the posts, I lost track. Any ideas on pricing yet?
Waiting with fishy tongue . . .

Will this decal stick on the outside (bumpers, etc.) or on the inside (backlight, etc.)?

Where do you plan to put it on your Av ??

fishy tongue = baited breath ;D
I am READY for that logo!! :D :D

I plan to put mine on the back window drivers side, because no snow or ice ever gets there everybody will see it all the time!
Cool!!! :cool:

Is it here yet? :D

Got my alcohol and squeegy ready... I even asked the wife for permission (it is HER truck... hehehe).

Thanks Chief!
What was the final design for the decal? It doesn' really matter anyway. I'm in on this one. I just hope its for the outside, because all my windows are tinted. I'll be puting mine in the back window in the bottom right corner. My I.A.F.F. union sticker is already in the left corner. The middle of the rear window has a grey bowtie outline that measures 9 x 32.
I just tried both of the recommendations above and it seems like only second one works. Must be that geocities only lets you get to the pictures if you're already comign from one of their sites.

So, go to my home page: www.geocities.com/oosterwal/ then append cafcna.gif to the URL.

Like I said before, it's crude, and the AV should probably be line art rather than a picture if it's gonna be a 2 color decal, but the idea is there.