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Coil Spring Helper/stabilizer For 1500?


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Mar 3, 2002
Lafayette, LA.
Ok Guys, who received the new J.C.Whitney magazine titled "Your Truck Book"?????????
On page 96 they have an item listed as
Coil spring helper/stabilizer
2002 Avalanche listed with part number AJB489116R
*It states that it adds a 1000 lb. load leveling capacity,
*Also increases spring rate to minimize body roll and stabilizes rear suspension for easier handling without sacraficing ride comfort.
*4140 chrome-moly heat treated spring steel
*Corrosioin resistant
*Easy bolt on installation
Has anyone seen this type monster before or have one installed?
I know they make a add on for the 2500 like Gandolph has to work with the back springs.
Can't figure how it works with the crappy picture they have in the magazine. ???
I have not seen what you are talking about. I went with Air bags to help the back when adding extra load. Look at the Towing section and you will find more info.
I have been thinking about this one for a while. But could not find anyone who could give me any feed back.
If you decide to go withy the coil spring helper tell us all how it works. I have seen this item in the whitney catalog,bass pro shops,and the sears truck mail order catalog,sears has the best price.

sears $135.99
JC whitney $239.99
Bass Pro Shops $ 253.99

For the $135.99 I guess we could hardly go wrong.