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Color Lights For Your Avalanche- They Exisit,


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Aug 16, 2002
Hello All,
While sitting in the garage today, planning, calculating and trying to justify new mods to the family I got my new Crutchfield Catalog- Home and Car Streo stuff in case you did not know.
Anyways, in the center of the mag, where the centerfold should be was a pull out section on CAR and Truck accessories, Lights galore-
I found the DRL bulbs in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, clear and purple shades in the catalog. many other general sizes too- possibly the lights for the exterior mirror that light up on entering the truck-.
There were tons of colors... just an FYI for you neon and light freaks out here- Enjoy! :cool:

I am keeping my ambers, just convinced another local av'er to change his today too! But I have seen several requests out here for different color lights for the Av,
Go to www.crutchfield . com and request a catalog. Maybe they have these items online too- have not checked...
Addition to above.
As a part time police officer- I caution you on changing ANY bulb on front of truck to red or blue- or stobes for that matter.
Never can tell who might have a bug.
Also, most State laws state you can not run red or blue lights unless a public saftey vehicle?

Your call but be safe and watch your backs out there!

From Crutchfield Magazine///catalog-
Bulb# 1156- Turn signal
Bulb # 1157 Same
Bulb# 194
Bulb # 3022
Bulb 3156,,, 3157,,,3175,,,7440,,,7443,,,89,,,921
the above are offered in the following colors,
Xenon Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Amber,Led Red
Also found Tail Light lenses for GMC Suburban, Tahoe, Denali 01 and up=
Part number 506302cl

go to
When you refer to the Amber drl's in yellow, are we assuming they look like the amber drl's or are they much lighter in contrast.... :B:
o ohhh... Did he say purple drl's?
I found some blue/green/amber/red bulbs that fit in the mirror lights, they are the same as the dome. (Long skinny ones that look like old car fuses, anyway there is a thread that lists all the bulb numbers out there) I got blue, but the color burnt/faded off right away. Like in an hour. I do not know what brand they were.
Did I just see goo referred to as a "freak"? :eek: I'm sure you meant no offense. ;)
A repy to calling Goo a freak- NOT.
I was refering to the folks here who have more lights (not that it is bad either) than your local airport runway and a 747 on final approach?
Ha ha ha. No I just thought to share any knowledge I gain with all involved here-
Zimms AV
Yes Purple/ though a little pinkish/ APC 50.4053.B
Green too
Have them all
Even had blue in for a month
went by many locals and state police
never had a problem/but did not want to press my luck
now have green on [R] Purple on [L]
simulating Marine lighting
You want, you got
I have not been able to attach a file to the post
says file is to big, but properties has it at only 70KB
Click on sig/pic trail
pics in Red Devil
May I add my 2$, thanks.

Changing any signal bulb from red and amber to any color is against the law in all 50 states because the standards are set by the D.O.T. ( U.S. Govt.).
On the other hand " it is only illegal if you get caught ". >:D

I've added the Reverse Indiglo Dash overlay and was wondering if anyone has replaced the bulbs in the rest of the dash with a diffrent color?
2 cents worth, Green lights are used by Volunteer firefighters in many states. They are issued to the firefighters and have size and limits as to flashing revolving or strobes. Most people don't know to pull over when you see a green light behind them. But if I'm havin the big one I'd appreciate if you would. Not trying to be a wet blanket just letting you what I know about the luck of the irish lights as well.
Man it seems like an awful lot of people take an interest in the colour of your lights over there... kinda takes away all the fun. ;)
I spoke with a guy who had "Bright white" headlight bulbs (that look bluish), and the clear tail lights with the red bulbs, and it wouldn't pass inspection here in Austin. I have to admit I've seem some of the aftermarket tail lights that just aren't very bright. Especially those ZR-1 lights in the rollpans and the APC clear lense "Euro" lights on the GM pickups. Probably not legal if they were actually checked for proper brightness at the required distance. A lot of the custom tail lights (like the ZR-1s) are illegal if you remove the stock light and don't add a side marker light. I like to Mod as much as anybody, but I prefer to keep it legal.
well, some topics keep going and going ang going . . .

look, lets admit one thing - police officers looking for an excuse to pull you over (or if their jelly donut was stale) will find one in many states if you have blue or red lights, for instance, here is a portion of the Arizona T&V regs (28-947(b), to be exact):

B. A person shall not drive or move a vehicle or equipment on a highway with a lamp or device on the vehicle that is capable of displaying a red or red and blue light or lens visible from directly in front of the center of the vehicle. Lights visible from the front of a vehicle shall be amber or white. This section does not apply to an authorized emergency vehicle or a vehicle
on which a red or red and blue light or lens visible from the front is expressly authorized or required by this chapter.

ok, and just assume that many states provide likewise, with exceptions for volunteer firefighters being typical (green lights? never heard of them, but I have not lived everwhere).

But then again, I think blue bulbs in my DRL spot look friggin cool. So I run them. Yes, certain brands (Wagner included) burn down to a green within two weeks, although I finally found one that actually stays a vibrant, please-arrest-me-for-the-wrong-color-light-bulb, blue, but to tantalize you I would need to go look at the box for the brand (I bought two sets).

now back when getting pulled over exposed me to all kinds of other stuff (having actually been a little wild then) it was really wise to limit the reasons why you might get yourself pulled over (don't drive around with a rear tail lens out, for instance). But I have nothing to hide these days . . . . . so perhaps my Blue DRLs will get me pulled over, or perhaps it will be the video screen for the front seat passenger being on while in motion, if Johhny Law is having THAT slow of a day, well maybe the interaction with a fellow American might just be a good thing for him . . .
I read this post this morning, but didn't have time to reply
beat me to it!
especially your last paragraph
I got about 10K mi on all my different colors
I have NEVER had anyone pull off in front of me because they thought I was official buis.
Long story short
If your concerned, don't use them
if you like to impress, you take chances
Besides, on the box, it say's FOR SHOW ONLY
When I go, they Show