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Color Question



I know previously there was a color poll taken, but I'm wavering on the all White Av at the last minute. My choices are down to Blue, Black and White. I've seen the White with the cladding painted and it looks sharp, but I think the other colors would too.

Pros/Cons of each in your opinions?
Cons of dark colors:
PIA to keep it looking clean.
Shows swirl marks easier.
Makes for hotter interiors.
Water spots very easily

Pros of dark colors:
Look awesome when clean!!

Cons of Light colors:
White shows dirt.
Light colors are not as shiny looking.

Pros of light colors:
Easier to keep clean and looking clean.
Cooler temps inside.
Do not show swirl marks as much ecspecially metallics
(pewter one)

Good luck!!!
yg pretty much sums it all up. Ya pays ya money and ya makes a choice. The dark colors look great (in my opinion) but will demand more time an effort from you if you want it to look its best.
... the forest green metallic with tan leather looks the best. Maybe it's just me. ;)

I had a silver 99 Honda Passport a while back. Almost never had to wash it, but looked really nice when I did.

Had a dark beige/brown/bronze 99 Grand Cherokee before the Av. Washed it maybe 4 times in the ~2 years I had it. Looked the same clean or dirty. Boring.

The green Av looks like hell when it's dirty (and it gets that way fast). Of course, when it's clean, I've never seen a better looking truck.

Of your color choices, I personally would go for the blue. I think that's the prettiest of your options. Not as nice as the green, mind you, but pretty all the same. ;)
I said this over at Edmunds and I'll say it here. My very first choice would have been Onyx Black with Netural exterior trim and a Neutral interior. My second choice would have been Indigo Blue with Neutral exterior trim and Neutral interior. Sadly, exterior trim got the Henry Ford treatment, give 'em any color they want as long as it is gray. So I went with the Indigo Blue and gray with graphite - a classy combo. Have to agree that if you could get Neutral trim, the green would look great. With black and neutral, the Avalanche would look like one mean Rotweiller! :cool:
Just look at all the Avalanche promos and you will notice that the AV is BLACK. yes, I know white is cooler.it would be even cooler if they offered it with red interior :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: ;)
Black is awesome .... but man it looks dirty so soon.

I got the pewter because I thought it looked the best with the CLadding.

I do like the dark interior. The leather will not stain as easy as the light one. Also the darker carpet shows less dirt and stains.

I have a black Av. and my trick is:

1. Wash once a week.
2. Use a good car duster

Result is a Black Avalanche looking good longer than normal. ;D
See my signature thingy? At first my salesman couldn't tell me if it would be Black or whatever......I didn't mind, I just wanted it soooooooooooooooo bad ;D Then it was Black/Pewter/Black and ended up Pewter. Actually wanted the Black more but now that the salt is on the road I've come to love less work on cleaning. By the way....remember...we all atleast own the AV!! :cool:
I had to wait 6 weeks to get my Pewter Z-71 w/ tan cloth interior. I am told the tan cloth interior is only availble on special order.
The Pewter color don't show the dust. The tan interior comes with tan dash and console with dark gray trim and carpet.
The cloth interior is cool in the summer and warms fast in the winter.
Its the only one I have seen like it. Hope to show pictures soon.
White is my standard fleet color. It may be plain "vanilla", but I find it easier to keep clean.

unlike metallics, it ages very gracefully. If you should have an uh-oh, the paint is pretty easy to match.

In other words, white is like the Avalanche - practical !!

I have owned one black vehicle - my 1st and last. WHEN they are clean, they are beautiful.
I was torn between black and white, but I choose white because I could see more details of the truck. ?Plus, in the 4x4 package, the interior was grey instead of two-tone, grey and beige.
I also went with white for my Av...find it easier to clean...and makes the Av look classy.... ;)
Fish said:
... the forest green metallic with tan leather looks the best. ?Maybe it's just me. ;)
The green Av looks like hell when it's dirty (and it gets that way fast). ?Of course, when it's clean, I've never seen a better looking truck.

I have the green Avy and your right about both when its clean and dirty. Despite how it looks when its dirty I would still not trade it in. The Green is my favorite color.

I don't want to PO the White Painted Avy Owners but my expeinces with white trucks (Owned 1999 Jeep Cherokee LTD) is that they get dirty very fast.

Very light colors are just as hard to keep looking good as very dark colors. My friend had a 1999 S-10 ZR2 in LT PEWTER METALLIC and it always looked clean even after a hard day in the dunes.
Color is obviously a personal thing - but I have yet to see an Av that I don't like.

I'd have gone red or orange, but my wife said no

We considered black - but already have one black truck - and the blue and green seemed similarly dark.

Didn't think I'd like the white, but it's really a pretty sharp looking truck.

Found the perfect Av in Pewter - goes well with the cladding, isn't too hard to keep clean - and we're both happy!

Yet another opinion for the bit bucket!
I went for the Orange for several reasons.
#1 same color as the concept truck that I fell in love with.
#2 not too noticable when it is dirty.
#3 Parking lots. You see tons of silver, red, blue and white vehicles (and that beigey color that is used on all the corolla wanna-be's) I thought Orange would be a nice change of pace.
#4 Orange is my favorite color. I once told my mother (when I was 5 or 6), that I was going to have an orange truck when I grew up. Well, I now have an orange truck. I don't know about the grown up part yet.

just my 2 cents.