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Color Survey Result Daily Updates


SM 2005
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Sep 1, 2002
Got a couple e-mails asking to show a daily update and running tally of Color Survey results listed by color and year. So here it is for those who asked. I will update it daily - so go to the threads and vote! For obvious reasons (background color) the Grey listings will be in purple. Sorry I cant get them color specific like the rest. :cautious:

As of March 26, 2003


Onyx Black - 38
Indigo Blue Met. - 35
Victory Red - 27
Light Pewter Met. - 24
Summit White - 22
Sunset Orange Met. - 18
Forrest Green - 15
Medium Sage Green Met. - 6

Total votes - 185


Dark Grey Met. - 18
Arrival Blue - 16
Black - 13
Victory Red - 10
Light Pewter Met. - 9
Dark Green - 7
Sunset Orange Met. - 6
Summit White - 5
Yellow - 3

Total votes - 87
OK Tinman this is going to be a big job to keep updated - I will need you to help and double check my numbers. Also since the 2003 lumps white and SOM together I must depend on postings within the thread to determine the count - so it might not be accurate except for the total. :cautious:
Hey bloke in the 2003 entries, I can't even read the text above the entry for Dark Green.... is there any way to reduce the "fluro" effect so it is easier to read?
If anyone else has trouble seeing certain listed colors let me know and I will change them. ;)
Hey Ed - thanks buddy - I know you appreciate me ;) I will see you soon. You have alot of work yourself there Mister customer service rep. ;D
OK updated for this evening - total of 272 votes between both years - Black 02 and Dark Grey 03 are leading. LPM is steady in the front runners on both years. ;)