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Complete Replacement Bulb Part # List


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Jul 2, 2002
Boca Raton, FL
here's something I found:

High beam headlamp
Part number = 9005

Low beam headlamp
Part number = 9006

Parking light
Part number = 3157

Front turn signal
Part number = 3157

Rear turn signal
Part number = 3157

Tail light
Part number = 3157

Stop light
Part number = 3157

High mount stop light
Part number = 194

License plate
Part number = 194

Back up light
Part number = 3157

Front sidemarker
Part number = 3157

Glove box
Part number = 194

Upgrade Part Number = 194

Map light
Part number = 161
Part number = 211-2

Step/Courtesy light
Part number = 168

Part number = 74

Don't forget the Amber DRL's ... 3157/4157 NALL ;D
woo saved me some time, part number 194... plate lights... changed those out to red... and wow what a great look! I give this two thumbs up to anyone willing to pay a fix-it ticket. :p

Cordova - I am still waiting for the delivery of my 2003 AV. I have already picked up new bulbs for it though. Are you telling me the Silverstar 9005's aren't going to fit the high beams? :p
Hi, my understanding (proved) is that 9011 and 9005 are interchangeable (is that all one word?) My manual said 9011, but I put in a set of 9005 and 9006
;)Thanks Sparky.

It took me long enough to find the Silverstars. I'm glad they will fit.

Only 2.5 more weeks to wait for the AV now. This is killing me! :cautious:

The 9005 may be a little loose (mine was). Just tighten down the screws on the lamp assembly to hold it a little better.
Two caveats about using the 9005's instead of the 9011's:

1) As mentioned, they don't fit exactly and are a little loose-fitting.

2) The 9005's aren't as bright as the 9011's. There are some posts on the boards here that compare the specs here if you're interested, but the bottom line is that you'll sacrifice some brightness (i.e., distance) for color.
Izzat list for an 02? I don't see numbers for the dome lights, map lights, interior door panel lights and puddle lights.

Those are the ones I want to change out...........