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Compnents and coaxials? Audiophiles help me.


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Feb 4, 2005
west virginia
I have 2 pairs (front and back) Soundstream 6 1/2 component speakers in my avy.  But all 4 are blown.  I want to replace them, but I was thinking of just buying coaxials.  My crossovers are still good as well as the tweeters.  Can I mix/use the coaxials with the tweeters?  Will it sound bad?  will I have too much high end?  Do I mix them through the crossover?  I don't really know how to approach it. THanks for the help.
Alot of different ways to go..  Are you running a amp? If so Brand? and Power?
Running Coax with added Tweeters can give you a Bright sound and you will loss most of your midbass.. Tell us what else is hooked up...
Headunit: Pioneer z1
Sub: JL midgate
Amp: Kicker zx 300.1
Amp: kicker zx 350.4
Front: Soundstream components 6-1/2 (busted)
Rear: Soundstream components 6-1/2 (busted)
Rear: Soundstream 4 inch (suspect)

I was also told that the crossovers would distribute frequencies between the coaxial and tweeter not using the full range of the coaxials.  Thanks again for the help.

As an aside, I had JLs everywhere, but my car got broken into  and stripped.  Most everything was replaced but with downgrades because of how the insurance would pay.
Were they the 2 or 4 ohm Soundstreams?  Yes the crossover will only send highs to the tweeters and Mid's to your Midbass. Most Coax's have a little crossover built on them but some can be wired for Byamping..or a outboard crossover..There are some new JL speakers coming out soon.. You might want to wait for those.....
what do you mean by byamping? or outboard?  HOw would you approach this situation?  I don't think I can wait for the JL to come cause my system sound like junk.
All depends how you wire it up as it changes the speaker impedence which well... some amps may not like...
I wouldn't...

I would stick with one speaker system me...
I don't know about the mixing, but i recently installed boston acoustics SL65 Coax all the way around and am super pleased with it... every audio place nearby told me they are awesome and they sure are
The rest of your system is SWEET!

Why you would you want to cobble speaker combinations into the doors.? :beating:  Go back to the JL.  Get JL XR650 CSi Components for the front and JL XR650 CXi coaxials for the rear.

This would complete your already Sweet system and make it Awesome.

My .02 cents and basically what I'll have in two weeks after allot of shopping.
I would wonder why/what blew the Soundstreams first and then fix that prob before selecting new speakers...just my opinion.
it doesnt pay to buy coaxials and hook up to the exsisting crossovers because the crossover will filter out the highs so you wont be using the tweeters on them. I would get a good pair of comps for the front and coaxials for the rear because the rear speakers are just for rear fill(to fill the void in the rear). My choice would be CDT the best I've ever tried and I've tried a lot(kicker, polk audio,jl, pioneer, kenwood, excelon, soundstream, and kove) just to name a few.

O yea, highs should last forever unless they are being driven into distortion.
My tweeters are titanium.  I heard (no pun intended) that silk were better with less of a "pingy" or "ttssskkk" sound.
sound from speakers is very subjective.... and well..

what you hear may not be what I hear...

so choose what you like .. not what is popular...
true choose whatever sound you like the most. about those jl components...they blow really easy. especially the tweeters on them.  go look up boston acoustics, they will please you
I've got Alpine Type-R components in the front and Type-S coaxials in the rear with dynamat door kits running off a Memphis Pr50.4 and I'm very happy with my set up.  A little cheaper than the JLs, but it's all personal perference.  I've also got 2 12" W3s in a sealed midgate box.  I love those subs.