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Confirmation Of GMS Discount Value



I just bought the Avalanche (Black on Tan leather) 2wd Z66 and here's the deal: The sticker was $36,020 and the supplier price was $31,711. I did not take the $2500 rebate and opted for the 0% instead.

I checked the invoice of my specific vehicle on Carpoint and it came up as $31,551.

Is Carpoint info accurate?
Should'nt the GMS price be under invoice?

Please dont move this post, It's not a general collect everybodies price info. I'm looking for specific timely information in current market.

I'm not sure as to the accuracy of carpoint, but the GM employee price should be below invoice, HOWEVER, a supplire to GM doesn't get that full discount. I think suppliers discount varries from 3-5% above a GM employees price.

I just priced mine through carpoint and got an invoice of $32,980. I ordered mine (as opposed to taking off the lot), so I got the largest GM employee discount - $30,500.
Kelly Blue Book had accurate invoice prices a few years back when I ordered a new car. The salesman went through each option price and it matched the invoice I had. That doesn't mean they would sell it to me for that. The invoice on the web also doesn't include charges from GM for national or local advertising and such. So there is a few hundred dollars depending on the vehicle for other costs. Then the dealer also has holdback, usually 3% of the vehicle cost. But the longer a car sits on the lot, the less holdback you might be able to negotiate. The holdback is to help the cover the interest accumulated from having a car sit on the lot. I think it's based on a car sitting there for three months at the most. So if you find a car that just came off the truck or if you order one, you may be able to negotiate some of the holdback money. My brother sells Dodge and Chrysler, his discount for family is 3% under invoice, which accounts for the holdback.
Used the supplier discount on mine back in February when we got it. At the time, I was comparing to Edmunds. Originally Edmunds was O.K. However as time went on, and Chevy increased the base price of the Av, Edmunds was out of sync.

So, could be a chance that carpoint just does not have the most recent "base" prices. For mine, I saw the invoice, and you see invoice price, GM employee price, and supplier price, printed right on the invoice. We opted for the $2002 rebate which was the deal at that time since we got a good interest rate from somewhere else.

Enjoy your new Av! ;D
From my understanding - GMS is about 1% over dealer invoice. I paid about the same for mine, using the GMS program...