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Corner Post Strobe Lights


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Feb 25, 2002
Kansas City
Does anyone have any experience installing corner post strobe lights on your AV?

Where did you mount the "power pack"?

The clear lens in the back lights are tiny, did you put the bulb in that compartment? Where did you put the front bulbs?

(Clear is legal here in Missouri.)

Has anyone used the "cheaper" consumer type power pack available at auto parts stores, or should I spend the bucks to buy from LE supply?
hey red,

I have a custom strobes on mine. I spend too much for em but I loved. They are the real thing.

the cost on it was abot $400 plus install. this are the real deal.

4 strobes in the front with 2 in the back. This are the commercial kind just like the State trucks you see on the roda.

If you don't wanna spend that much money. I have used in the past the light kit from Autozone and you can pick them up for $9.99 a set. they work well for awhile if you just want something for now.

i will get the website address of the place I got mine. professional grade.