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Corsa cat back from Chuckles..WOW


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Jan 11, 2007
GTA Ontario, Canada
man what a deal! I'm feeling like i robbed someone here..  :B: thnx very much Chuckles.

picked up the used Corsa from Chuckles here i T.O. on wed April 4/07. he even polished the tips for me. I could not wait for the weekend to install and the forcast all weekend is cold with snow. go figure first week in April and its snowing. man that sucks.
all day thurs i could think of nothin but installing this thing, and how to do it with an injured shoulder (2months so far of light duties for rotator cuff injury at work). so i asked a coworker if he wouldn't mind lending a hand sometime this weekend and he agreed to help after work (i think he wanted to hear it more than me).
the plans were set in motion. we cleaned/oiled the clamps which had a little rust on them during our work day so they had time to soak for the after work install. when the time came to drop the spare (advised by Chuckles) so the oem exhaust could be removed in one piece, we noticed that it was going to be a long nite. the secondary lock for the spare would not let go. which translates to no spare removal and having to cut the exhaust out (ouch). not what i was hoping for. so we tried using various techniques with no luck for about 2hrs (time flies when ur having fun)..  :E: finally after cursing GM for such a stupid design i resigned to make the cut. My partner in crime grabbed my sawzall and asked where i would like him to start. the Corsa manual states to cut 6" front of the muffler, so that's were we cut. once the old exhaust was out of the way the rest of the install was a snap, which took about 15mins. most of that 15mins was spent making sure that the tip was positioned just right. cant drive down the road with the tip crooked, that would spoil the whole look of this beautiful piece of stainless steel. we cleaned up a bit and dropped the truck down off the stands (stands not needed btw, but makes for more shoulder room).
turn key time! there is something to be said about standing back and looking over ur hard work with admiration.. i gave the honour to my friend since he did most of the work anyway (injured shoulder remember).

WOW.. amazing!
it was all worth it when he turned that key..
this has to be the most satisfying mod to date. truly. it completes the KnN CAI i had done already. sounds sweet when the foot is down but quiet when idle or at cruising speeds just like Corsa states. if this is the sound u are looking for i definitely recommend this exhaust.

now i know some of u are wondering if it truly is possible to remove the oem exhaust in one piece! although Corsa Performance states that "In order to remove factory system from vehicle, the pipe between the
catalytic converter and muffler must be cut.
" i can verify that Chuckles has removed his as a whole, and it appeared i could do it too if i was able to remove the spare. i let all the air out of my spare and could almost clear it.. so yes it is possible..
GM is going to get a piece of my mind tomorrow when they open. hopefully i can get them to replace the spare tire hoist without cost to me.. since this should have been checked when i purchased it almost 3 months ago. can u imagine trying to change a tire at the side of a busy highway by urself with a system that when fully functioning requires 2 or more people.. bad design  :beating:!

this is a must mod for those who are looking for an ear to ear grin when driving down the road!!  :love:

pics to come!
Just a quick comment on the spare tire issue. I had the same problem with a flat in my driveway a couple of months back. I called the service dept, and they said to put the jack under the center piece that holds the spare in and to raise the jack until it slightly pushes this center piece. Boom! The tire dropped just as the manual describes as soon as I moved the jack and lowered it.?

nghtrdr, have you noticed a big difference in performance/MPG since added the corsa system? I'm debating what to do, I want a dual side exit and corsa only has the single side exit. But I really want the performance that corsa states they bring.