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Cost To Tint Front & Back Windows?


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Mar 31, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
Hi everyone! I just bought a 2003 Black Av last week. I am thinking about tinting the two pasenger and back windows to match the two rear windows. Anyone have an idea about how much this would cost?
I just finished a small flock (pride, herd, school, etc??) of mods and was just thinking about tinting the windows myself and am also interested in the cost.

And don't worry Bad, this is just the beginning...
Congrats on your new ride, I just traded my '02 for an '03 last week as well.

I put 5% on all 5 windows last year, and I paid just over $100.00, this of course is relative on where u live, and how dark you decide to go.
My fronts were $50 last year. Now I wish I had done 'em darker rather than stick with the 'official' limits. They'd be even cooler if the fronts were as dark as the backs. :(
BadBlackAv, I had this done a while back. As I recall, it ran about $100.
I had my driver and passenger windows done for $60.Try Auto Ameristar on ford rd. in Westland.
I paid $30 for my 2 front windows at 15%. I di a lot of business with this shop, so he always gives me a deal. He's charging me $130 to do 4 windows plus the back in my STS with a 1 piece in the back window. Same price for my friends 97 Mercedes E320.
Any Members in the Memphis or Nashville area know anyone who can do an exceptional job with film tint so that I can get my front windows done ???
Babar said:
I matched my front windows to my back windows and paid $70. ?Looks good.
Who did the work and how long did it take?
Do you know the DMV code on front tint?
i got my fronts done to 20% and it matches really well with the rear tint especially from the outside...on the inside you can tell the rear windows have the tint in the glass...b/c you can see through them easier...also my front windows cost 55 for the tinting
I did limo tint on the rear two and 15% on the front two, I paid about $150, however I will probably get limo in front this summer, so that I can keep the interior cooler.

-James R. :cool:
Should run about 100.00 in Calif. ?I don't suggest going to the same degree on the front windows as the rear. In Calif it would be just a matter of time until you get a ticket for it. This is a big issue in So Calif now.

i did 50% tint on the front's for $50. i had a problem with one, and got it fixed for free. pretty good for $50. i wish i could go darker. stupid Virginia laws. also they would not warranty anything past the legal limit.
I purchased a do-it-yourself pre-cut tint on ebay for the front 2 windows with 20% tint ($20.00). It matched the rear tint windows perfectly but in Texas 35% is legal from what I've been told anyway. I couldn't find a shop anywhere that would install 20%. I'm debating weather to take it off and use a lighter tint, the last thing I want is a ticket.
Houston - limo tint - all 4 sides [front driver/passenger] and [rear rt/left passenger] side windows- $80.00 at the shop including tax.
i did all 4 windows and windshield. windshield 50%, front 2 windows 15% and back 2 windows 35% to make it look the same as the front. the back 2 windows have factory 20%. costed me $275.00 total
colonelmotox said:
Houston - limo tint - all 4 sides [front driver/passenger] and [rear rt/left passenger] side windows- $80.00 at the shop including tax.

I had my '03 done about 3 weeks ago in Orlando, all 4 doors, 5% for 60.00 plus tax includes lifetime warranty. ?If anyone in the orlando area wants this, PM me, and I'll send you the info. ?

The dealer let me keep the windows from the '02 to '03, so i didn't have to get that again. ?The back doors are a bit darker than the front, but its hard to tell from the outside. ?No problems so far, I had the '02 for about a year w/ no problems either.
it all depends on the tint. some fades after a while. most tint comes with a lifetime warranty but the installers fail to tell you that does not cover fading. it only covers bubbling up. so be careful.
Just had all five windows done! Legal (so I can use my lifetime warranty if needed) on all five. The fronts match the back pretty well. They used Sunguard tint and it is good stuff. Car temp is about 10-20 degrees cooler and the AC works much better now. With all of those big windows, this is a must if you live in the desert. The back windows do not have any UV protection from the factory, they are just smoked glass. If anyone is in the Pheonix, AZ area and wants it done for the right price and quality work, let me know. I have the guy to do it! mj
Anyone in the Long Island NY area looking to get windows tinted, let me know. I have been tinting windows for about 14 years and can answer most questions.as far as pricing goes PM me or EM me. I'll try to give you as fair a price as I can. Just let me know that you're a CAFCNA member.