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Crash Test


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Feb 25, 2002
Kansas City
My husband slid down the driveway in his new Dodge Ram pickup into my Av parked in the garage, during an ice storm, and I have a small scratch on bumper cover, and bumper pushed in. $750 to fix. His Dodge has THOUSANDS of dollars of damage. Hood, bumper, fender, grill, lights. Anyone else have any crash stories?
Not really a crash story but a story of a moron damaging the cladding..

So here I am yesterday. I just met a really nice girl and she wanted to see my Av. I am showing her how everything works and all the cool gadgets. She asks about the cladding. We start talking about the paint it don't paint it schools of thought.

To better demonstrate the reason not to paint it, I whip out my car key and began to say "You wouldn't dare do this to your car door right", and I begin to start pounding away on the door cladding with the key.

She looks at me with shock
I am pretty cool now, I am thinking.
She is now looking at the cladding.

I look down at the cladding. My smirk turns to a :-[
I now have 5 custom indentations.

I guess she felt bad because she gave me her phone #.
A "don't try this at home" disclaimer should have been attached to XRover's. I had a deer slide down the side of the Av. Bad news...scuffed the rear quarter with his fur. Good news...only $50 for the cladding. FYI, anything metal will leave a nice white mark on the cladding and covers.
Xrover... I am sorry but I hope you are dating that girl still.. And I hope you two spend a life time together you worked for it.....

That would have to be the best pick up line I have ever heard...

This is not much of a story, but I was hit by a van when it ran a red light. It crushed my driverside fender, crumpled my hood, took out all my lights, removed my crome grill and pushed out my other fender. The van, on the other hand, was totaled and hold away. But my Av I drove home. The police were really impressed with how tough my truck was. They just said not to drive it at night. It ended up costing $5500 to fix it. Although I'm picky, so it has been back to the body shop and repainted three times now.
Two weeks after I got my AV, we had a snow storm that dumped several inches in the foothills. Since I converted from a car to my AV I had to test it in the snow.

I quickly learned about putting sand in the bed. I put 480 #'s in and never had a problem the rest of the winter.

On my way down the mtn, the snow turned to ice on the road. I was geared all the way down and crawling past cars stuck trying to go up and a DAMN SUV pulled out from the side of road right in front of me. Jerk forgot to look uphill for oncoming traffic.

Well a light tap of the brakes sent the AV sliding and the road pitched towards the lane with all of the cars stopped.

I cracked my front bumper a little (going 3-5mph) when I hit an Audi. I was surprised by how much damage was done to the Audi and very little to the AV (see attached pic)

I carry a high deductible, so I will live with the damage and invest in a heavy bumper/brush guard. :cool:
Blueruck, how much $$$ was the front bumper skin?
I was told it will cost about 1K to buy & install the new bumper.

Since mine is so minor, I will live with for a while. :)
Here's a real photo from a unplanned crash test from an anonymous donor.

Make sure you prepare yourself before clicking

An oil slicked road, pot hole, rollover and then a pole were this AV's enemy that day.

ps - driver walked away with only a limp

AAAUGGGHHHH!!!!!! Then horror of it all :C: :C:

Now I am going to have nightmares. :C: :C:
Back in December, some idiot ran a red light in his Dodge Sport. The only thing between me and him was a 1 ton Chevy van. I had all of 350 miles on it and less than 2 weeks in my possession. It's so strange when you see it happening (in slow motion), and there's nothing you can do. Anyway, he smashed that van doing about 40 MPH. My driver side rear quarter panel was his back-stop. I had to replace both of the panels, the panel itself, as well as the wheel. The Dodge was a total loss. They had to scrape most of its parts off the street. The van was towed since the wheels were now pointing in opposite directions. My AV was drivable, but I was heart-broke. :cry: :cry: :cry:
It cost over $2500 for those repairs. I demanded a Suburban or Tahoe from the insurance company I was making the claim against, since I had been stuck in a little ricer in the last accident. I had that Suburban for 45 days, costing over $2900. They couldn't get the parts in from Mexico.
The amazing thing is after all that it still looks driveable in a Mad Max sort of way!
If that was the extent of the damage in a rollover, I think the Av held up pretty well. Certainly there was very little crushing of the cab, which is amazing considering how much the Av weighs!
you guys see a wrecked Av - I see stock assist steps for sale, Z71 wheels and rubber, a spare trailer wiring plug for when I finally kill mine once and for all, "new version" bed panels if he had em, any interior mods to be salvaged . . .

I am releived to hear the guy walked away with a limp. (y) Give him our thoughts, goo, he obviously cared for his Av, having gone and gotten pinstripes and all. (Last time the car I was in looked like that, I was coming out horizontal). Now I think he could make some jingle selling some of these parts off of his obviously totalled Av, although the title is most likely in GMAC's hands or a salvge operation . . .
I wonder what it will talke to make that black rolled AV (off) road worthy again??? It would make a great mudder or last man in the cruise... >:D
iI idled by a boat trailer tounge and gouged the drivers door and left fender wheel well cladding bothe pieces were about a hundred and cam with the clips I ripped off the door cladding and noticed the avalanche logo so instead of throwing it out I cut the logo out of the panel and hacked on it and filed on it and put it in the barbecue grill to form it around a piece of pipe and siliconed it in over the third brake light =====after I drilled about75 holes thru the letters so when I hit the brakes my avalanche lights up!