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Current mods with pics


Full Member
Mar 28, 2007
New Bern, NC
Hey eveyone i just did a bunch of mods such as taylor 409 wires e3 plugs AEM brute force intake dual flowmaster 40's.  Also I have the best decal on my back window.  Pics will be up soon as the rain stops and i can get them.  Does anyone know about how much the gator back stuff costs like to take it to a shop and have it done.

Very nice!!

You lovin' those dual 40's?? I think they sound great!
theres nothing like em.  And i like the fact that the shop i brought my truck too put the long tips on they go really far back so it looks cleaner from the side and they welded them on instead of a lot of these shops around here the put u clamps or that strap and that just looks like crap.
can you take pics of the exhaust install and welds from the underside,  I wouild like to see the after look.  I want to get new exhaust, but can't decide on what I want to get.
Not a bad start :D
clean install

and  I have to say I'm impressed that you jumped in with those quick pics

good job!!!

the incab isn't all that bad the one time i had the windows up  i usually have my windows down sun roof back and the radio up.