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Custom WBH @ Dealer!


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Aug 12, 2002
Newport News, Va
? i saw a WBH AV at the dealer today. ?it was painted Victory Red and Black. ?it actually had some type of cladding on it. ?the sail panels were painted to match. ?the only thing i noticed was that they did not sand the panels. ?it did not look that good. ?should have been sanded. ?the cladding on the side was not that cool looking either.
? you know what, i think i will ride up the street and get a pic of it. ?i will be right back. ?hopefully they did not lock the gate.
YEA, PICS thats what we need! Does this dealer sell a lot of custom trucks?

i got the pics. let me go through and edit a couple of things. they normally don't sell too many in my opinion. they usually just throw on a set of rims and call it a day. this one is a little more involved.
? this one is a little brighter. ?forgive me. ?it is raining here.
if you take a good look at this one you can see where they did not sand down the sail panels. look right where the flash hits the side of the truck.


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? next one...
if you take a good look here you can see that the paint on the body has a shine to it. the paint on the sail panel is flat. :6:


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look at the side of the truck. notice the addition of the new "cladding"?


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?a closer look at the "cladding" and the name of the custom option.
ooops. just noticed you can still see the red underneath.


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here are the wheels they went with. they are 18's. i have seen them use 20's on the Burb's and Hoe's.


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I like the effect that the fading from red to black give... but.... I'm not so sure that it is a great paint job... looks more like an experiment
here is the front view. i thought this was a regular billet grill. turns out that it is tubular rather then flat like most grills.


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Did you happen to catch the sticker price for that beast?

What were they charging for the custom paint?

danlwil said:
I like the effect that the fading from red to black give... but.... I'm not so sure that it is a great paint job... looks more like an experiment

they have been doing this for awhile now. i think i first saw this type of paint job when i lived in Texas. they called it the "Mariah" package. this was around '94 or '95. they perfected the fade paint job. i saw a couple from this particular dealer around that same time frame as well. their version was a very sad attempt on what Texas had perfected. this one however gets the thumbs up. this one looks pretty good. i think the biggest problem was actually getting the colors to "blend" or "fade" together to get the right affect.
i forgot to mention that the AV had the cool "Denali" style grey woodgrain going on in the interior. the dash bezel, around the radio, center console, etc...
i think it is called Zebrano woodgrain. at least one of the on line distributors called it that.
Great pictures. Thanks for taking the time to get the pictures and uploading them to the site.