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Damp Carpet Options...


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Feb 9, 2002
I noticed today for the second time since I have owned my 2002, that I have damp carpet in the rear, after 3 or 4 days of rain. It may be that I did not "slam"the midgate enough, or maybe it is leaking. When I opened the door of the truck, I immediately smelled a damp, musty odor. I might have the start of mildew. Now, here is my question-has anyone thought of taking up the carpet permenately, and just leaving the metal floor, so small amounts of water could just be wiped up? I like my AV too much to get rid of it, and thought that taking up the carpet might be the quick and dirty solution. I do not find a metal floor, with floormats, objectionable, and I can't live with mildew or mold on the carpets.

Steve in Maine

Steve in Maine
with wet carpets ...remove them and let the JUTE underneath either dry or be replaced........