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Dash Cover Is Wavey


SM 2003
Full Member
Jun 21, 2002
Tell City,IN.
Was noticing today that my dash cover is wavey near the defrost vents.It like that all the way across the whole dash. Is this normal? Maybe it has been like this the whole time and I am now just noticing it. Am going to take it to dealer Friday and let them look at it. Also my 3rd panel is drooping in the center. I have never climbed on it or anything. maybe I am just too picky.
anyone else have these problems?
There is a TSB for all GM products on blistered dashboards. You might want to read up on it. Go to the Links page in Resources and check out the recall and TSB links. It will take you to the NHTSA site where you can do a search and see summaries...