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Dealer Installed Leather...??



Anybody heard of this before? I was calling around the Great state of CA and one dealer had "the vehicle of Choice", a "New"2002 Indigo Blue 2500, 4.10's, LD, Loaded with everything but Leather. After negotiating the price to where it needed to be, the only hang-up was the interior (I have two young boys). He told me he could have leather installed in a day and a half and he would pay fot it ($1200.00). I will be picking it up on Monday....heheheheheehe cant wait to see the dealers face when I install the amber DRL's on his lot, for the Jaunt home 215 miles. Has anyone else had this done, and how did it turn out?(the leather install from the dealer)
I don't have any first hand experience with it in an Av, but do with many other vehicles. Overall, the leather is usually of better quality and also comes in many, many more color choices than from the factory. There's usually not a problem when installed by a dealer, but just be sure to check it out when you pick the beast up.

Just getting a stock-matching color done? All in all, it should go well!
thanks Beach, yeah the stock charcoal grey is the color of choice, they did not want to do neon green... hehehe JK
Hard to switch out the seats from another Av unless the dealer could come up with a new sticker for it or pick up a set of seats from a wreak.

The dealers usually farm out all of their seat work to local seat cover companies anyway. They usually do a really good job.
Dealers are usually willing to do whatever it takes to get the previous year's vehicles off of the lot. They want to make room for the current model year, which means the buyer gets " :DHooked Up :D". That's great if the dealer is throwing in leather seats ;D.
That's good to hear, sounds like you made out...it also brings up a good point...for those of us who have leather after years and years of use the factory leather will start to actually crack and fade.....this is an excellent option to restoring a vehicles leather interior...and at a reasonable price... :) :B:
Check to see what brand the leather is. It's probably either Katzkin or Classic Soft Trim. If it's either of those, go for it. They do excellent work and it is the best quality. Check into it a little more because you can get two-tone or different stitching if you want. They both offer it. Just look into the options. The dealer may only pay for the one color leather, but for an additional $30, you may be able to get two-tone or some stitching in the seat back.
It is well worth the money. I paid $1300 installed when I bought my truck, but now that I know, I would have done two-tone or stitching instead of the one color.

Good luck, can't wait to see some pics when it's done.
Pendlum...is the two-tone similiar to what ford offers in their SVT's.....I wouldn't mind the two tone like that..but would like to retain my chevy bowtie in the seat back.... :B:
Check out Classic Soft Trim
and Katzkin
They have many different stitch patterns available and you can pretty much get any two-tone combo you wish. It's totally up to what you want.
You can have stitching, different color thread and different stitch patterns.
Although I have Classic Soft Trim in my truck, I will be changing it out soon and going with Katzkin. I just like the different options Katzkin offers. It's practically limitless.