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Dealer Logo Removal


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Dec 19, 2002
Has anyone removed one of the little plastic dealer logoes? Its a good dealership but I don't like to be anybody's billboard. Plus he didn't even put it on straight.
You can go back to the dealer and make him take it off. It wasn't part of the deal. I had my wifes dealer remove their logo. If you want to remove it yourself it should come off easily with a little heat from a hair dryer. :B:
I always make them remove their dealer logos. I agree with you totally, you pay so much money for a vehicle and they're putting stickers on that you don't want.

The one from my dealer came off pretty easily but left a mess. I had the roofrack rusting problem... had 'em clean up the mess when they cleaned that up.

I've had luck w/the following:

1. Use hair dryer to soften the glue.

2. Use dental floss to "cut-through" the glue. Use a pulling/sawing motion and pull AWAY from the paint. Try to minimize the amount of floss you use. Example: if you can follow the dealer's script one letter at a time, that's better than trying to saw-off a large chunk at a time (may not be possible if the logo's one big rectangular piece).

3. Use a cleaner to get the glue off - simple green, etc. Follow w/a light paint polish and re-wax

I've used this technique on my other car and it worked w/o leaving any marks.

I will not sign the papers unless all logos are off. I do let them know that I will allow the logos to remain if they agree to sign a monthly advertising contract and pay me to keep it on there.

Luckily the dealer that sold us our AV only advertises with license plate frames.
My dealer, fortunately, used the stick-on letters, and I just scraped them off w/ my fingernail. I had to use a single edged razor blade to get the Snugtop stick-ons off the top. It could be worse, I had a Mercedes and they drilled holes in the trunk lid and screwed the name plate right on.
I peeled the stick on ones off at the dealership before I left the parking lot. The Av was sitting right in front of the doors and I'm peeling away ;D >:D >:D >:D (y)
No dealer sticker, but they did put on the plate frame in back. A little sand paper action and flat black spray paint saved me a trip to the store to get a plain plate frame. ;D I have the CAFCNA frame up front. (y)

Murman :cool:
I guess the dealer didn't use much pressure in applying the little stick on plate - it popped right off with only a small tug. It and the two license plate frames with dealer info all went into the trash within the first hour of getting the Av home.

In the past, with more stubborn stickers, the dental floss and WD-40 technique has worked well. Just take your time so that you don't scratch the paint. Wax or Zaino afterwards!
Frank_Atlanta said:
I've had luck w/the following:

1. ?Use hair dryer to soften the glue.

2. ?Use dental floss to "cut-through" the glue. ?Use a pulling/sawing motion and pull AWAY from the paint. ?Try to minimize the amount of floss you use. ?Example: ?if you can follow the dealer's script one letter at a time, that's better than trying to saw-off a large chunk at a time (may not be possible if the logo's one big rectangular piece).

3. ?Use a cleaner to get the glue off - simple green, etc. Follow w/a light paint polish and re-wax

I've used this technique on my other car and it worked w/o leaving any marks.


what he said. i used the same method. i did opt to leave the bowtie on however. works really well.
There is also a product called "Goo-Gone" (yes, really!) that works well for removing adhesives and adhesive residue. You can get it at hardware or variety stores.
My dealership put on the license plate frames with the name of their dealership. When I picked up my Avalanche, I found it at the washrack while they were doing the prep work. I went in, put on the plates from my old vehicle and took the dealer frames off. I left them in the wash rack.
I went to the powerwash. If you use the soap cycle, it is usually hot water so I just blasted the dealer sticker right off, carefully.
The dealership I bought my AV at pit the little logo right in the middle of the tailgate, above the "CHEVROLET". Of all the stupid @$$ places to put it!! :8: Anyway, my inlaws own a body shop and I was there visiting one day and mentioned it. They just took a small screwdriver and slowly (Can't do it slowly enough) pulled it off. As for the glue, a dab of the goo gone that someone else mentioned on a rotory polisher took it off in 2 minutes. then just wax the area where the glue was and you are as good as new.
When I had my Honda I removed all the badges and pinstriping. The thing to use is a hairdryer and some isoprobyl alcohol
I was lucky had only one sticker on the tailgate and 2 license plate frames....the frames came right off...no problems there...and the sticker was pretty easy as well....came right off with my fingernail...all I did was clean off the glue left behind with some Tar/Bug remover.....now you can never tell there was any logos there to begin with....just the way I like it... :B:
The heat from the Oklahoma sun was all I needed to pull the plate. Used bug-n-tar remover to take the glue residue off and waxed.
I guess we're pretty lucky up here in Northern Ca. ?I don't recall ever seeing one of those logos on any of the vehicles, all the ones I've seen have been from out of state. All they use here are the license plate frames. Speaking of license plate frames, does anyone else have a problem with the rear bumper covering up the bottom part of lic. frame? I was going to buy an AV one, but why spend eighteen dollars on something so it can be covered up?
I don't drive anything out of the dealer with their "logo". I will use the dealer license frames until the permanent plates come in, then off they go.
WD40 works well for dissolving the glue on the tape that holds the logos on. It also works great for tar removal.

I feel like I'm driving an advertisement for my dealer! I've got both the logo'd hitch cover they gave me and and big, gawdy name plate on the tail-gate.

Do all I need to remove that plate is a air-dryer or hear gun? I'd love to remove it but don't want to damage the finish in the process.
How long has it been since you purchased? I realize that hindsight is 20/20, but next time have them remove before signing on the dotted line...then they can be responsible for the resultant scratching of your brand new clear-coat finish. Had this happen with my old S-10 and will never again accept a new vehicle with any kind of sticker, etc. that could damage the finish, particularly since I've usually already paid the dealers [usually hidden] advertising fee.

That said, yes, try a hair dryer and be very careful.
AVinVA, I have ALWAYS made it a point to put it in the contract...

I have had dealers change over trunks, cause they used there logo plate the ones that are screwed in place :E: :E:. or I'de reject the deal.

The stickers aren't too bad to take off, Hair dryer works great.

DO NOT USE A HEAT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G. :cool:
Some are easier than others. Mine on the AV was just held with white foam tape and I popped it off before we left the dealership. My Jeep tag was more like the license plate stickers with the tamper resistant material that does not stay together. Use 50% alcohol/water solution (same thing I use to strip off any wax or polish before detailing car. Some heat is OK, but just park in the sun and take your time. WD-40 works as well, but I prefer the alcohol/water.