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DIFFERENT Fire Extinguisher Mod


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Mar 31, 2004
Raleigh, NC
I bought my fire extinguisher and am now planning to mount it vertically in the driver side saddlebag instead of on the lid (the same place the wiring harness for the towing and jack handle is stored on the passenger side on my 04).

Most of the year I have a Yakima rack mounted on the bed covers that prevents the saddlebag lids from opening fully, but it isn't a big deal.  If I mounted an extinguisher to the lid, I'm sure it wouldn't stay open.

Anyways, I'm planning on going with nylon anchor nuts and #8 1/2" screws to hold the bracket.  The extinguisher is long enough that it will rest on the bottom of the saddlebag so all the weight won't be on the screws. 

So here's the question:
How do I get in there to cut the square holes to hold the anchor nuts?  My DeWalt right-angle drill won't fit.  The cordless Dremel is too long.  I thought about the flexible shaft for the Dremel.  All of these options I would go back with a straight blade to make the corners.

Is there a better way to do this?  Ironically, I apparently recently got a cracked driver's side taillight, so if I pull that off to replace, can I also pull the whole saddlebag off to get a better angle on the cuts I need to make? 

Or is there a better anchor to use?

Thanks.  Once it's done, I'll get a pic up. 
What size F/E? Mine is a Kiddie 110 ABC.

Here's a link to Saddlebag Door Support mod.

If going into the rear of the saddle bag use self tapping metal screws, as the metal frame behind the plastic would be hard to cut thru..  Trust I know, have done many mods in the saddle bags over the last few months for other members..

what's a nylon anchor nut?

something like this?


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It would be the opposite of a nylon bolt. It's made of plastic. A common example is what they package with toilet seats. A nylon bolt and wing nut.
I got my 5 hours in? :p

self drilling/tapping does seem the best route? ?
I havent yet..  LOL
YEH  SOMEONE AGREES with me on something LOL
Turned out to be not that bad.  Went with a nylon anchor nut on the top mount.  Used #8 3/4" screw into the nut, but on the bottom went with #8 1/2" straight into the plastic (can always go back and put in an anchor if it starts to strip out).  I mounted the Kidde Auto/Marine BC extinguisher so it rests on the bottom too.  Not as hard as I thought to get the extinguisher strap on.  Not planning on taking it in and out that often, but won't be difficult in an emergency.  Used a razor blade to square hole for the anchor.  Oh yeah, the pics...


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oh those, I always called them license plate nuts
good looking mod, glad it worked out for you and I hope you never need it