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Dirtiest Av Pics

The picture is a little dissappointing. It makes the truck look pretty good. It looks worse in person.


Look at the steps. That layer of white is not snow, it's salt. And the mudflap really does have a reflective red bowtie, but it's completely covered with salt.

What really bothers me are the fluffly white salt crystals growing on the door handles, the "Avalanche" on the cladding, the mudflap, and the step. :8:

I hate salt! :D:

-- SS
Here's another one that was previously posted, but it's got a good layer of mud, snow, and ice. The view was pretty good too.


It was a lot of fun getting it dirty. >:D

-- SS
That picture with your Av covered in salt makes me cringe. I remember seeing a p/u, from Buffalo no less, that was literally half dissolved from the salt corrosion. :3:

(this was one of the things I didn't like about living in upstate NY.)

I hope you have three or four layers of undercoating! :)
Ok this was after off-roading a few days ago it took me 3 hours to wash it after I got home I had to wash mud out of the wheel wells, engine, under body ect..
Reminds me of the "Good Old Days" when I lived in Erie, PA. Now I know the reason I moved to Tennessee :cool:
Take a look at some of these dirty, nasty pics...:

Very few people ever even see dust on our black Z66, but this is what happened with a trip to Punxsutawney, PA for Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, it was immaculate just 24 hours before....I hate PA! But then again, we're now in Delaware and it looks just about the same right now, covered with the salt & slush haze because it just had to snow on Friday. I WILL be washing it tomorrow, no matter how cold it is! (y)
YUCK! You should see our family mini van though. It's a dark green but you can't see any of it - no matter where you look. Well, maybe you can on some parts of the roof, but thats it. :mad:
Oh man, I just washed mine after a 310 mile road trip up to MI! I just couldn't stand it and had it washed before I got home, then to see this post..........
Now this is MY kind of topic >:D

Of course, I don't have any pics of my AV dirty because AVtanked cleaned it off at the cruise on the 18th! :eek:

That's ok, it'll get dirty again...........REAL soon ;)

notice the only clean spot is my 5year old fingerprints on the door....that's because he wiped it on my leather :rolleyes:
Strobin, I know you have a white one, I was typing the post while you edited yours :rolleyes:

I just got back from Snowshoe, WV and thanks to WVDOT I now have a two-tone Avalanche. ?The white and blue looks kinda good together. ?I get all kinds of looks driving around town with the AV looking like this.