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Do I have the VSS wire already?


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Feb 15, 2003
Phoenix AZ
I have an 04, non lux and just installed a touch screen factory nav system. It will let me input and change settings in the nav menu while I am driving. But it doesnt show me moving when I am driving. I think this means that the vss is not hooked up. I have done a search and have been reading post for the past 3 hours and I am more confused now then before. What do I need to hook up the vss and is this why it is not locating me correctly? I think I need part number 12089649 for the connector? Can someone please help? THANKS
Keep driving and it will learn that the VSS wire isn't hooked up and then it will move.  My 04 didn't have the VSS wire, I'm just using it without the wire hooked up.
That is quite so.

A VSS wire will smooth out the map movement and not be so "late" with turn-by-turn directions and position updates.

Learning changes if it's in or out can be rather slow (screen updating), apparently quite so with INR HU's. The TNR may be a bit faster.

It's a simple addition, pulling the cluster and the HU to install the wire and route it over to / through an easy-access switch.
? ?if your position is not updating you do not have the VSS wire in the 12-pin XM/ DVD Radio Connector.? what you will have to do is pull your gauge cluster to access the24-pin Instrument Cluster Connector.? on this connector you are looking for pin A4; VSS pin.? you will need to splice into this wire, and then run a jumper wire with proper terminal connector to wire position E to install into the 12-pin XM/ DVD Connector on back of NAV radio.

? ?it's pretty easy.? hardest thing is to find the right terminal connector that fits inside of the XM/ DVD Connector.? if for some reason you have a hard time finding one let me know; i have a source that can get them for me.? not to mention i think i have a few left from my NAV install.
Well I think I have it hooked up correctly???But I am not sure. I followed the directions and have the proper pin connector, but it will still let me make changes while I am driving. Will it automatically update and know that I now have the vss wire hooked up or is there something else I need to do. I was going to hook up a toggle switch to use while I am driving but at this point I dont have to.
The map will move with or without the VSS. Each time it changes from having it or not, it may be quite sluggish as it re-learns (INR). The TNR may be a bit quicker but I hadn't tried one with the VSS switch.

As I mentioned earlier, the VSS connection smoothes out the movement and is a bit more accurate to the forward road position when connected / switched in.
You still do not have it hooked up correctly if you can still change your destination while you are moving.

Let me clarify that statement just a little. First while stopped push the "Nav" button on the screen, you should see a "Setup Navigation" button, now start the vehicle in motion, if that 'Setup Navigation" button grays out when you reach 5 MPH your Navigation radio is seeing the VSS signal. If the "Setup Navigation" button stays where you can select it, the radio is not seeing the VSS signal.
I guess I had it hooked up correctly. I did what you suggested and the button was greyed out. Everything is working as advertised now. Thanks for everyones help.