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Do-it-yourself 6000 Mi Servcie Questions


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Mar 27, 2002
Arlington, Texas
I had to go out of town, so I left my Av with the dealer. My #3 panel has been slowly sagging and getting worse; my rear bumper is not level by 3/4 inch difference; and they suggested I have them rotate the tires.

I get back. Service mgr determined #3 panel warp is "normal". I told them I didn't think so. (this is the panels with the older/ numbers on the panels, not raised). I told them I'd keep an eye on it and as it got worse we would talk again.

They said there was nothing they could do about the bumper. I'm going back next week to have a talk with them about that. With the way the Av has visual clues on fit for that bumper, I think a 3/4" droop on one side is out of tolerance. At least it is for me. They said maybe they'd look at it again with me, and see if they needed to take off the bumper and drill new slots in it for adjustment. Does that make sense to anyone?

They did the rotation, but the tech measured and found that the truck was out of level by 3/4" (coincidence). They cranked the tortion bars appropriately and did an alignment. The rake on the truck is not as it was before. The nose is a tad higher-looking to me now.

The truck drives the same. Feels fine. The bumper has me bummed out, but we'll see how next week goes. The panels, as I've read here, are probably going to be an ongoing fight as they deteriorate. :7:

The moral of this post is: If you haven't had a check-up done, at least let them check to see if it sits level, from one side to the other, because it was inperceptable to me and I like the way it looks now. I don't know if that's because of anything more than Av withdrawl. Without my truck for a week...... and that was tough. Nice to be home again.

White Z66

There is some adjustmetn of the bumper. I think there are 2-3 bolts on each side. Just loose them up and put a floor jack on the side you need to go up. They have some kind of glue/tar between the bumper bracket and the frame. I had to make some adjustments on mind when I backed into the pole and pulled out the dent.

I see you are in Arlington. What dealer did you go to?? I am in Grand Prairie and have been going to Vandergriff off I-20. They are not the smartest dealer in town.
Yeah, Vandergriff... I have had very limited issues with them, but except for my advisor being nice to work with, I'm not terribly impressed with the dealership.

I'll take some photos tomorrow and post 'em. I'll also take a look-see underneath there and see if it's something I can do, like you said.


I'd like to do the 6000mi/6mo checkup maintenance myself. I have access to a lift, and all the necessary tools I think. My question is what _can_ I do myself and what can only be done at a dealer.

Also I think I have the entire list of what to check, but if someone has an 'official' or 'recommended' list, I'd appreciate it.