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Do the 2007 Av stock 20" wheels fit prior years?


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Mar 18, 2005
Farmington, MN
It's my assumption that the 20" "chrome looking" stock wheels on the 2007 Avalanches are regular 6 bolt wheels that will fit prior years.  I have friend that wants to upgrade, but he thinks they only fit 2007/08 model years.

Help me clarify.  ???


Yes.  There is a TSB from GM on the issue, posted in the TSB section here.

Also searching this section will generate pictures of them on the truck.
Thanks, can you provide the link to tha TSB section?  Looks like you were going to, but it didn't come through. 
shafersd said:
Thanks, can you provide the link to tha TSB section? Looks like you were going to, but it didn't come through.

No, I wasn't going to :)

Simply click the Home button above and look through the list - if you haven't seen the TSB section, I'd wager you may not have seen others - there's a lot of useful sections to study :)
So, reading this TSB, tells me they fit, but they don't fit.  The few people that posted said they fit OK and have no problems.  The information from Chev says they won't work properly.

So, who else can speak from experience?  How many 03-06 Av's are running with the 2007 20" wheels?

I'm not a genius with wheels, I understand a little bit about offset, width and diameter of the tires.  When I've seen auctions for Chevy 6 bolt 20" or 22" wheels, there is never a disclaimer for which models and years they'll be for.

So my question is this, is this TSB a "catch all disclaimer" from Chev and the 20's will be fine on my 2003?  Who can provide their opinion and experience?

It's a CYA document from GM, nothing more.

They fit and look great, as you'll see from many folks.  The 17s and 20s all work fine.
Ok, let me add another twist.  Will the 20" rims off of my 2002 fit on my 2007?  I was told they have a different offset.  I have not been able to get a straight answer on this.  Any help is appreciated.